Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mini-Tournament @ AGC 23/12/12

So.. Went for a mini tourney today at AGC, played the same deck I went 3-2 with yesterday, but sadly didn't top, because of one of the people I lost to gave his full win in the last round, getting me 9th, sad.

So today went again, and finally got to top 8 with a "not-so-normal" deck. Well, it's quite surprising really, that with all the Verz decks running around that this deck somehow won at least one in both days.

This is the report.

Deck Used: Full Monster Agents

Round 1: Verz (Ryan)
Results: OO-

Round 2: Verz (Calvin)
Results: XX-

Round 3: Chaos Dragons (Javier)
Results: OXO

Round 4: Hero Beat (Cassandra)
Results: XOX

Top 8: Agents (Jun Jie)
Results: OO-

Top 4: Verz (Sam)
Results: XX-

3rd/4th: Verz (Calvin)
Results: Shared

So yeah, did decently fine, if anyone wants the decklist here it is. I'll talk more about the combos and stuff when you finish picking up your jaws.

Signing off,

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