Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tournament @ AGC 1/1/13

Hello readers! I'd like to start the post off by wishing everyone reading this a Happy New Year!

So today, popped by AGC after buying myself a personal Christmas gift to myself and played my new deck, Mermails.

Went full win during swiss and the last round we didn't play as he had to help pull my friend up.

Without waiting, here's the report!

Deck Used: Mermails

Round 1: Verz (Cassandra)
Results: OXO

Round 2: Mermails (Yong Jie)
Results: XOO

Round 3: Wind-Ups (Ball Snow)
Results: OO-

Round 4: Verz (Ryan)
Results: XOO

Round 5: Verz (Gavin)
Results: -Didn't play, gave him the win to pull someone up-

Top 8: Verz (Ryan)
Results: OXO

Top 4: Offering Gadgets (Qian Rui)
Results: XX-

3rd/4th: Verz (Jacob)
Results: -Shared-

So yes, knowing how unlucky I am, I had to Verz match-ups to face 5 times today, thankfully 2 of which we didn't play it out. For the other 3, I had to struggle very hard and luckily managed to use Abysspike and Genex Undines to clear Ophion away with Atlantean Heavy Infantry.

Overall, I didn't do much misplays today except during the Top 4 where I did a significant number of misplays from hurrying with my plays. Other than that, I didn't really notice much misplays on my part during the swiss rounds.

I have to say Mermails are really strong, though like every other deck, it also has its weaknesses. But nonetheless it's quite decent for a toolbox strategy and dropping a Abyssmegalo with 2 Atlanteans reminds me strongly of a full-flush Card Destruction in a Dark World deck.

So yeah, will probably run Mermails the next few tournaments or at least until I get a decent Fire Fist build going, till then.

Signing off,

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