Monday, December 10, 2012

Topshop tourney report 9/12/12

Borrowed ChickenNoodles signature deck, the deck didn't listen to me. This picture pretty much sums up the kind of hands I got the entire day.

Yep, shit hands. Tourney results were as such:

Round 1: Verz (Calvin Ang)
Results: XX-

Round 2: Fire Fist (Clarence)
Results: OXO

Round 3: Inzektor (Sean Tan)
Results: XOX

Round 4: Wind-Ups (William Oh)
Results: OXO

Round 5: Chaos Dragons (Anthony)
Results: OXX

And as such, died with a score of 2-3. The deck clearly doesn't like it's temporary owner. :/

Signing off,

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