Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mini-Tournament Report @ AGC 18/11/12

So.. Yeah popped down to AGC on Sunday for a quick mini-tourney. Was bored after 2 weeks of non-stop YOLO-ing so decided to slow things down abit with some Dark World.

So on to the tourney report!

Deck Used: Dark World

Round 1: Chaos Dragons (Javier)
Results: OXX

Round 2: Hero Beat (Da Tou)
Results: OXO

Round 3: Mermail (Jie Lun)
Results: OO-

Top 4: Hero Beat (Cassandra)
Results: OO-

Top 2: Chaos Dragons (Calvin)
Results: - (Shared)

So yeah split 21 packs into 10-10 with Calvin and the one with the not-so-good foils would take the last pack, I got some decent stuff so he took the last pack. Quick tourney to test a build, have come to a conclusion that Reckless Greed is good, but takes up too much space in a non-Asia Plus format and is easily replaceable as I sided it out most of the time.

As for this week being the last TopShop qualifiers, I'd have to say that I'll only be playing on Sunday's one at SGCardMart as Saturday I'll be away helping out at a camp from Friday and will only be back at noon on Sunday.

Other than that, my only opinion on the game in Singapore is that I still won't resort to worrying about maining Maxx "C" in all my decks as compared to maining Veiler's in the Inzektor era, as unlike Inzektors, Wind-Ups actually require brains to use and the sad but relieving truth is that the majority of Wind-Ups here in Singapore are piloted by filled wallets and not by filled minds.

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