Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tournament Report @ SGCardmart 25/11/12

Hey everyone! So I headed down to SGCardmart on Sunday running on 3 hours of sleep from the past 48 hours after helping out at a church camp with one of my decks which required little to no brains to operate, namely Offering Gadgets. No intent to bash any players with Gadgets as their main deck of choice, just feel that it's definitely one of the decks which requires less on thinking and more on what's in your hand.

So on to the report!

Deck Used: Offering Machina Gadgets

Round 1: Hero Beat (Bao Chun)
Results: OXX

Round 2: Machina Beat (RongJie)
Results: OXO

Round 3: Hieratic (Sam)
Results: OXO

Round 4: Photon Machine Swarm (DSummon)
Results: OO-

Top 8: Lavals (Weiann)
Results: XOX (Shared with him going up from having a better chance. We did play a match but retardedly such as him Rekindling for Handmaiden and Lady then Normal Summoning a Snowman Eater just because he can and me doing even more stupid stunts)

Bottom 4: All shared.

Took Choraiou in the end. One step closer to finishing my Fire Fists.

Prior to this tournament, there was a TopShop qualifier which I got kicked out during the first round against Weiann from unfortunately pairing with him so early. He managed to make it to top 2 though, so it's cool considering he's a friend as well and definitely better than having some random person qualify. Bixuan/Sazabi took the other top 2 slot and he was kind enough to pass me his Thousand Taste Trading slot which was nice of him, so a big shoutout to him. That slot won't go to waste I can promise you.

That being said, I'll be heading into TopShop this year! Sadly ChickenNoodle won't be as he didn't have enough time to go for more than one qualifier and the only qualifier he went was a huge one, giving him a harder chance to make it to the top 2.

Other than that, thoughts on TopShop? Nothing much, just gonna find a deck that likes me and suits my questionable playstyle I guess. Limited deck choice as I sold off a majority of my deck sets and are left with a few competitive ones, all of which are non-Tier 0/1 and more of Tier 2/3. So.. Yeah, expect me to play some Tier 2/3 deck with a "Zippy-Twist" to it.

Okay, gotta finish up a school report due in a few hours time, till next time!

Signing off,


  1. You that day say you bring Gem Beast!

  2. LOL. Initial plan was to do that, but since the slot was more of a "gift", I won't throw it away xD