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Tournament Report at Marymount 5/8/12

Back with another tournament report, this time a quick one after doing reasonable okay at Marymount. Changed a few cards in the side and main once again, e.g Compulsory Evacuation Device for a Mirror Force with all the Hero and Chaos Dragon decks flying around in Singapore now. Worked surprisingly okay.

Deck Used: Hero Beat

Round 1: Asia-Winning Chingzektor (Jeff/Lord Ching)
Results: OXO

Game 1:
Drew a decent hand, can't really remember much but had an Effect Veiler, Spark and Blast with an Alius on the field, so countering his Damsel stunts weren't too hard from so many answers. He still managed to knock my life down quite low though, nothing less expected from him. :P

Game 2:
He made a first turn Ninja, I had alot of hero support but no Hero. Finally wasted so many cards to make a Maestroke, flip his Ninja down, Reborn my Alius back, Spark the Ninja and wasted alot of removal stuff which could have been used on his follow-up Damsel and Centipede. Got knocked out from lack of removal.

Game 3:
Had alot of removal again. He went for an early Storm but met with my Starlight Road. Controlled the game from there with the constant plus plays and his early disadvantage from Starlight. Although he managed to clear about half my field with some slick plays, but my advantage was abit too much.

Round 2: Chaos Dragons (Nick)
Results: OXO

Game 1:
Went for a quick OTK after he left his field opened when I used Warning on his Lyla.

Game 2:
This time I had too many heroes, no support at all. Was left to slowly get my Alius beaten up before dying, revealed next card, Miracle Fusion. -_-

Game 3:
Stalemate for the first few turns. Exchanging hits until I was left with 500, he top decked a Reborn while I had a 2k Excalibur and a Shining, he Reborn-ed his REDMD but left it in def pulling out a Pulsar in def as well, that misplay caused him the game he had no backrow and I just hit both then Super Poly-ed for the win.

Round 3: Chaos Dragons (William)
Results: XX-

Game 1:
He had too much Bosses to throw at me after heavy milling and I had too little responses. Died from advantage difference.

Game 2:
After setting 2, he went used Lyla to bait out my Warning and went for FF, he set up his grave and I died after 2 turns of beating.

Round 4: Arrive Hero (Calvin)
Results: ---

Shared with him as I got paired down and he let me go up.

Round 5: Hero Beat (Amo)
Results: OXO

Game 1: Gained advantage from using Super Poly when he attempted to use Stratos and Bubbleman for an exceed. He used CED on it and I just kept beating him with Alius, recycling while clearing his field with constant Sparks and Blasts.

Game 2: Died from my heroes coming too late, to which by then he had most his backrow set up.

Game 3: Went into time shortly after game started. Got to the point where he had a set Snowman, and I had a set Honest. It was his last battle phase, he flipped Snowman and destroyed itself, I sensed a Thrasher followed by Stratos + Bubbleman + Miracle considering he had 2 cards in his hand + a set card on the field. He went for Absolute Zero, ended. I ended, I won.

Top 8: Verz Ragia (Daniel)
Results: OXX

Game 1: Both being beat-and-control decks, we did what our decks were supposed to do, and beat. Top decked a Photo Thrasher late game for free 2100 swings at his life points.

Game 2: Similar to game 1, both beat down until advantage was missing from both sides. Had a top deck war, I drew Spark, he drew a Rabbit, enough said.

Game 3: He had too much protection such as 2 Lances and the Verz Lance to protect his mobs from my Mirror Force, Torrential, D-Prisons etc. Died from having no monsters to fight back.

Bottom 4: Hero Beat (Poh Choon)
Results: OO-

Game 1: Quick control of his field before he managed to get some momentum going. Rushed with a Blade Heart and Stratos for game in turn 2.

Game 2: Used a Rai-oh to slowly hack away at his lifepoints from 8000 to 0 as all he had in his hands were either searchers, or hero support and no removal.

5/6: Chaos Dragon (Jacob)

Didn't play, he took a 3D revise as I had enough of them, I took the structure deck and sold it to Calvin for $10 since I shared with him in Round 4.

Overall quite content with the deck, although I still feel more Chaos Dragon hate is in order, having a field of 3-4 Dragons staring your Alius without any responses is definitely no joke. More graveyard hatred or something.

Funny thing was I was just discussing with Jeff before the tournament about whether Compulsory Evacuation Device or Mirror Force should be mained, and I was saying about how he and a few others were playing Inzektors today so Mirror Force is quite redundant game 1, and round 1 I had paired up with him. Thank God it was his Inzektors and I was extremely lucky for some reason today, because if it was his Heroes, I'd get my ass handed to me following tradition.

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