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Tournament Report at Lorong Ah Soo 11/8/12

Hello everyone. Just had to blog to let my comments out on the worlds. Few things I'd like to highlight.

Firstly, the fact that Jarel 'Pro' Winston made it to top 8 with Exodia was too epic to leave out, kudos to finally someone with the balls and the brains to run such a deck the proper way so you definitely deserve tremendous respect.

Secondly, the misplay Malaysia's representative Sung Lee made against Thailand's representative regarding the extra normal summon during his turn. It's no doubt that everyone noticed when he normal summoned a Zephyrus in the later part of his turn he already tributed a Chaos Sorcerer during the earlier part of that turn for a Darkflare Dragon. I personally feel that it was just a mistake, no cheating intentions nor motive. Both sides could be blamed, one for attempting to cheat and the other for not pointing out to the judges. I'd like to see people stop whining and bitching about it as it could happen even in your local tournaments, so calm down.

Lastly, still rooting for Chariot, one of the few representing Japan, he's been one of my few idols I look up to for his versatility topping with many decks and simple playstyle with minimal techs and focusing mostly on skill to win, one which I strive to follow although there's alot to learn. So all the best to him and it'll be a great pleasure to see him become this years with the amount of skill he has.

Okay on to other matters. So me and ChickenNoodle decided to head down to Lorong Ah Soo to attempt to troll, to which we were somewhat successful. I ran a deck I never touched before considering the massive appearances of Chaos Dragons, a deck which utilizes RFG-from-grave and high monster count. Guess which deck was able to counter those 2?

You guessed it, I ran Grave Keepers today for the lulz.

So on to the report!

Deck Used: GraveZippers

Round 1: Mermail-Atlantal (Pokekid)
Results: OO-

Game 1:
A set Spy took one of his attacking mermails by shock, SPed out Descendant, on my turn used Descendant to tribute Spy to clear his backrow along with a Recruiter which in turn searched for a Commandant to grab a Necrovalley, used it and beat down with a 2000 attack Descendant. He brought out Megaloabyss but I kept using CED to return it to his hand, getting it stuck for most of the time. Used Descendant to clear his field and won after awhile.

Game 2:
Rai-ohs helped me early game to bait out his removal, followed up with a Sin Stardust to protect my Necrovalley. After he cleared my field, we went into a top-deck war for some time, after awhile drew into Descendant and beat down from there.

Round 2: Hero Beat (Zan Hao)
Results: OXX

Game 1:
Fast field control prevented him from using Miracle Fusion, used Sin Stardust to beat awhile, after he removed it, I used Spy and Recruiter to beat down for game.

Game 2:
He kept using Super Polymerization to remove my Thunderbird and Sin Stardust. He gained more advantage after quick farming and netting small plusses with 2-for-3 Torrential's and stuff. Lost from the tremendous lost of advantage and a dropped Gorz.

Game 3:
Drew no monsters, and after finally drawing into a Rai-oh, he used a set MST to clear one of my backrow and he dropped Gorz again. Died from there as I had little to no monster removal.

Round 3: Verz (Wei Ann)
Results: OO-

Game 1:
Stopped most of his attempts to bring out Ophion, and maintained field presence. Forgot what mostly happened but remember he brought out Stardust with Starlight Road when I attempted to Torrential away 2 of his Verz monsters. Used a Spy to bring out Descendant, normal summoned Commandant the next turn for a Pearl to clear his Ophion and won from there.

Game 2:
Gained a 1-for-2 when I used a Black Horn of Heaven to prevent a Bahamut from coming out. Flipped spy for another +1, used Descendant to clear 1 of his backrow and hit for 2000. Used CED and Bottomless Trap Holes to control his monster flow from there.

Top 16: Chaos Dragons (Jacob)
Results: OO-

(Shared before the game as I was really scared of a Chaos Dragon matchup, winner would go up.)

Game 1:
Activated Necrovalley on my first turn to lock his graveyard. Set 4 with protection and ended. He used Card Trooper to do some milling and hit me. Second turn Royal Tribute. Went for a Descendant beat again. He set Ryko, used CED to clear it and hit some more. Finally used Descendant to tribute a Commandant to clear the same Ryko and hit. He died when I brought out Sin Stardust as he couldn't get rid of it nor Necrovalley.

Game 2:
He went for Future Fusion, sending the usual 5 dragons into the grave. I went for a first turn Royal Tribute, he lost his whole hand. Hit with Sin Stardust. He set a card. I didn't hit and just ended. We kept this going for a few more turns. When he finally built up his hand again, a second Royal Tribute hit him, lost his whole hand. Forgot to CED his set monster before using Royal Tribute lol. CED his set monster and hit with Sin Stardust, set a Spy and ended. He set a card. Flipped Spy during my turn to bring out Descendant and clear that set monster. Hit with Sin stardust again. He died from having no way to clear the Necrovalley nor Sin Stardust.

Top 8: Hero Beat (Zan Hao)
Results: XX-

Game 1:
Tried to maintain field presence but he managed to clear my Necrovalley and used Spark and Blast for control of my field. Died from a beatdown.

Game 2:
Forgot what happened in the beginning. Halfway had one Spy and one Recruiter face down, he brought out Shock Ruler and Alius, used Shock Ruler's eff to declare monster effects and cleared both, having me minus alot. Had to rely on massive setting until I managed to clear his Shock Ruler with CED. Next turn he used a set MST to clear my Necrovalley during my attack decleration to drop Gorz again. Died after that as I had no monster removal.

Bottom 4:

Shared and every bottom 4 had $12 each.

In conclusion, was an okay experience playing the deck for the first time. Not much kick to it, just a farming game. But severely counters Chaos Dragons but sadly died to Hero Beat. :c

Guess I'll head down to Marymount shop tomorrow for the free ranking tournament and the main tournament with M7 as a lucky draw prize lol. Will update after that. Till then.

Signing off,

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