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Tournament Report at Dhoby Ghaut 14/7/12

Hello everybody. Shaunewbiez here. Finally broke the curse of "DSS". For those of you who have no idea what "DSS" is, it is known as Dyson Sphere Syndrome, the curse of getting 9th place at almost every tournament for the past 2 months. :truestory:

Okay so here's a quick tournament report as I intend on sleeping soon, been a tiring day. I used a very basic deck with alot of help, so thanks goes out to Jeff.

On to the report!

Deck Used: Hero Beat

Round 1: Chaos Dragons (???)
Results: XX-

Game 1:
Drew mostly searchers such as 2 Pots and E-Call with the only stopper in my hand being a Compulsory Evacuation Device. Searched for a Stratos, pulled Alius from the deck, potted into a Super Polymerization. Set CED and Super Poly and ended. After a few draw cards used by him such as Solar Recharge, Allure of Darkness and milling an Eclipse Wyvern, went for a Heavy Storm and swarmed me for game.

Game 2:
Went first, summoned Alius, set a Solemn Warning with a Bottomless Trap Hole and ended. Was greeted with a Heavy Storm again followed by a REDMD and Lightpulsar but still survived. Drew a Kycoo and made a Maestroke to kill off his Lightpulsar after using it's effect, followed by a Dark Hole in Main Phase 2, super minus, but it had to be done. He used Monster Reborn on his turn for REDMD, pulled out Lightpulsar, then brought out a BLS for game.

Round 2: Arrive Hero (Colin)
Results: OO-

Game 1:
Forgot what happened. :/

Game 2:
He went first and set 2. I stormed him and went for a Stratos into Alius. Set Super Polymerization and CED and ended. He Arrived for Stratos and into Bubbleman, I used Super Polymerization using his 2 heroes to make an Absolute Zero. After this was abit blurry but slowly beat for game as he didn't draw his Miracle Fusions nor any combo starters.

Round 3: Dragon Exodia (David)
Results: OXO

Game 1:
Made an early Shock Ruler to ensure he doesn't spam spells on me. Won after a few turns from the beatdown.

Game 2:
Rushed him until he had 200 Life Points. Made the mistake of rushing too fast with a Shock Ruler before setting Solemn Warning. He dropped a Tragoedia on me. As I declared magic to prevent his drawing, I couldn't use my Book of Moon on his Tragoedia and win next turn by using Gemini Spark with the Alius in my hand. Died from the Tragoedia beating on me as I had no field removal for that last 200.

Game 3:
Shock Ruler came out by turn 2, managed to control from there. He pulled out a Card Trooper on me, but managed to use Dimensional Prison on it (yes I sided one in case of Tragoedia/Gorz/Anti-Hero cards). Beat from there and won shortly after.

Round 4: Chaos Dragons (Stark)
Results: OO-

Game 1:
Opened with Future Fusion, thought I was going to die sooner or later. Managed to slowly crawl and grind my way to getting some removal. Won after many rounds of exchanging hits to each others life points and after I had farmed enough control cards.

Game 2:
Lost quite the advantage early game from fast boss monsters coming from his side. Slowly tried to gain momentum and slightly balanced it out before he swarmed and cleared most of my field and using an Exa-Beetle to clear the way and using his Lightpulsar to bring out REDMD which brought out that Lightpulsar. He was left with 1000 when I top-decked a Miracle Fusion on him and went for his Lyla which he left in attack mode.

Top 8: Laval (Plant)
Results: XOX

Game 1: Dropped Gorz too early. He continued getting his plays successfully through as my 2 Solemn Warnings got Stormed away by him. Died shortly after he cleared my field and hand.

Game 2: Slowly beat him with Alius and Stratos as well as had some graveyard control with a Crevice set, D.D. Crow in hand. Won after a few more hits.

Game 3: Didn't draw any form of graveyard control which I sided in, no Crows, no Kycoos, no Crevice/Transmigration, no nothing. Could've OTKed him on my 1st turn if I didn't side out my Photon Thrasher which I "thought" was useless against Laval. How wrong I was. Left him with 800 life points from an Excalibur and Shining direct hit. Died when he cleared my field and left me to top deck the card I needed the most - Kycoo.

Bottom 4:

Some conspiracy happened and I got 5th/6th, taking a 3D Lagia with me. And $5 poorer because it flew to Calvin's pocket.

Nonetheless. I'm hoping as hell that I've been cured of DSS and tomorrow there's another tournament. $10 with Secret Chain at the first prize. So if anytime for the DSS to hit, PLEASE not let it be tomorrow.

Okay, I'm off, tired as hell.

Signing off,

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