Friday, July 6, 2012

Arrive Infernity Tournament Report!

Hello everyone! ChickenNoodle here. I am aware that the blog has been pretty much dead the past few months, but I just couldn't find the motivation to make blogposts, let alone to play Yugioh itself.

Early last week, I was introduced to a rather peculiar variant of the Infernity archetype. It played a minimal E-Hero engine, 2 Destiny Hero - Malicious, and even Future Fusion! It looked unplayable at first glance, but after playing a few games on DuelingNetwork, the deck started to make sense. Within an hour or so, I was borrowing cards from my friends to build up the deck for locals.  

Saturday's Tournament
Deck Used: Arrive (Hero) Infernity
Number of Participants: Approx. 30+

Round 1: Vs. ??? OO-
Game 1: My opponent had no answers for my Turn 2 Void Ogre Dragon. Tragoedia and Battle Fader held me back a little, but that gave me more than enough time to summon more big beaters to win. At this point, I had no idea what he was playing.
Game 2: Similar to the first game, but I caught of glimpse of a D.D. Survivor, which he was forced to set to defend his lifepoints.

Round 2: Vs. Chaos Dragon XX-
Game 1: I opened a good hand... However, due to my lack of experience with the deck, I chose not to activate A Hero Lives, which would have led to an amazing opening play. Needless to say, I lost.
Game 2: I made a mistake of not chaining my Infernity Break on Lightpulsar Dragon when my opponent played MST on it. I had the means of getting rid of Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, but I realised it too late.

Round 3: Vs. Inzektor OO-
Game 1: Godly hand. Ended my first turn with a field consisting of Lavalval Chain, 2 Void Ogre Dragons, 2 Infernity Breaks and a Solemn Warning. :)
Game 2: Rai-Oh locked my Reinforcement of the Army, cutting off my access to Dark Grepher. I eventually drew a Grepher, and baited Rai-Oh's negation by special summoning the Grepher. With Rai-Oh gone, I played RotA for a second Grepher, dump the required materials to the graveyard, before unloading my combos.

Top 16: Vs. Machina Gadget (Shaunewbiez... REALLY?!) OXO
Game 1: Forgot what happened.
Game 2: SURPRISE LIMITER REMOVAL! on Machina Fortress wiped out my 4800 lifepoints. 
Game 3: Forgot what happened. :S

Top 8: Vs. Hero XX-
Game 1: The deck started hating me...
Game 2: I had a Destiny Hero - Malicious stuck in my hand alongside an Infernity Launcher... -.-

5/8th Placing: Vs. Tinplate Machina Gadget OXO
Game 1: Solitaire too OP.
Game 2: Drew a mediocre hand. A decent hand wouldn't have made a difference, as he had plenty of disruption in his backrow. 
Game 3: Void Ogre Dragon backed up with a decent backrow proved to be a powerful setup.

5/6th Placing: Didn't happen. 

Result: 5/6th


Sunday's Tournament

Deck Used: Arrive (Hero) Infernity
Number of Participants: 19

Result: 6th

... I chose not to write this report as I forgot 70% of what happened. Didn't want to post an incomplete report with the possibility of making major mistakes. :S

~ ChickenNoodle