Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm back to posting!

Okay, I apologize on behalf of the team that we've been MIA with the posts for some time. bannified has stopped playing but is still part of the team, no doubt. To be honest, ChickenNoodle and I haven't been topping as much as before ever since the start of the format.

I'm gonna update on a few things.

- We didn't get seeded for worlds.
- We started schooling.
- It's a shitty format for the both of us.
- We're still gonna try for nationals.

Okay, so this weekend, we headed down to both WCQ seeding events, TTZ Trading @ Hougang on Saturday and Audio Ventura Trading @ Ang Mo Kio on Sunday, in hope to get up to the top 16 table straight on the day of the main event. We failed. I failed miserably.

It's abit late, but as of now, everyone should know.

For me, both tournament reports should go something like this.

5 rounds.
35 players.
3 wins.

And best of all:

                     9th place. Both days.

Signing off,

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