Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tournament Report 7/1/2012

Hello everyone! Shaunewbiez here. 4th today in Dhoby's tourney, good news is, I topped, bad news, no Daigusta Emeral. :/

Okay so here we go!

Deck Used: Inzecter Agents

Round 1: Bixuan
Deck Used: Tech Genus Agent Angels
Result: XOX

Game 1: He had the advantage with his first turn Gantetsu and Venus plays. Had a hard time pushing through as used Raigeki Break on my Damsel and lost momentum from there.

Game 2: Maxx C when he attempted to swarm earned me profit! Pushed afterwards for game.

Game 3: Slow pokes from his side killed me as I had opened with a bad hand.

Round 2: Jun Jie
Deck Used: Agents(?)
Results: OXO

Game 1: Can't remember.

Game 2: Can't remember.

Game 3: Can't remember.

Round 3: ? (Sorry man didn't catch your name!)
Deck Used: Inzecters
Results: OO-

Game 1: Opened with an Earth fetching me Venus. Set warning and end. He summoned Armageddon Knight, I warning-ed. He then set 2 cards and ended. I summoned Venus and he used Solemn Warning on my Venus before I activated my effect, allowing me to use Pot as I didn't use Venus to attempt any special summons. Followed by Insect Imitation to a Damsel with Hornet in hand next turn, nuke the world!

Game 2: Opened with 2 Veilers in hand. Had some hope. Summoned Venus to make Gantetsu, set one and ended. He summoned Damsel which got negated by my Veiler. Poked my way down from there as I had my own Inzecter engine up and running the following turn.

Round 4: Kenneth
Deck Used: Laval
Results: OO-

We didn't play, to cut a long story short, he had a very good, if not the best tie breaker as his only loss was a full win.

Top 8: Hanzo84 (Baha)
Deck Used: Inzecters
Results: OXO

Game 1: Loads of Inzecter shooting from both sides, that's all I could remember.

Game 2: Shot most of my cards down before I could even get my Agent engine going.

Game 3: Had a hard time as we were relying on top decking. He eventually got his Inzecter engine going. Thought I was going to die until I top-decked Venus, which made a Daigusta Phoenix, dumped a ball to target himself, removed the Venus from play to special summon my stuck in-hand Hyperion, and attacked with all for game.

Top 4: Xiao Mei
Deck Used: Dino Rabbits
Results: XX-

Game 1: She brought out Dolkka and Laggia before I could even do anything. Got beatdown the subsequent turn.

Game 2: I used decree to shut off her 4 back row, became too greedy and never used my set MST in hopes for a +1 should she MST the face down, stupid of me. Kept eating Forbidden Lance and Book of Moon. Believe it or not, died to a Rai-Oh and Sangan beatdown.

3rd/4th: Kenneth
Deck Used: Laval
Results: XX-

Game 1: Laval stunts came out ASAP. I died due to Rekindling making a Quasar.

Game 2: Manage to hold off awhile. But.. STILL not good enough and died after he Quasar-ed me (again).

Results: 4th

Took 3 Gold Series 2012 packs over the Duelist Box Playmat. The packs came from a box which was already opened and with a Normal Rare confirmed to be in that box, but still have yet to be pulled. As there were left with 6 packs, I shuffled them and took from the top packs 1, 3 and 5. Turns out pack 5 had a common Pot of Duality!

Conclusion: Inzecter Agents needs a little bit of tweaking to the ever-changing format and minor consistency issues. But still a fun and good deck IMO. Filled with surprise from two different engines.

Signing off,


  1. Nice report, are you using the same build of ChickeNoodle?? Because the two seem great.
    Never mind can you put the deck list

  2. Hey there!

    Appreciate the feedback. And yes, we're using the same build as it's a team thing. So I apologize as we can't reveal the decklist. However, we might release it sometime else in the future. Stay tuned! :)

  3. I'll wait whatever it takes...
    it's a great blog i always read the posts