Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Eve Tournament Report (31/12/2011)

Hello everyone! ChickenNoodle here. First of all, I would like to wish all our readers out there a Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great time reminiscing your best moments of 2011, while embracing the beginning of the Year 2012! As New Year's Eve was on a Saturday this time round, it was a natural move for us to attend our weekly local tournament, with hopes of ending the year with a blast (winning the Lavalval Chain). Who would have known......


Location: J-CUBE @ Dhoby Ghaut
Format: 4-Round Swiss + Single Elimination for Top 8
Number of Participants: 24

Deck Used: A.R.A. Agentzecter (Inzecter Agent Angel)

Round 1: Vs. Vishal (Gravekeepers) XOO
Game 1: He started first and he flipped Trap Dustshoot during my Draw Phase, crippling my semi-decent hand. Starlight Road stopped my Heavy Storm right after that. Lost quickly as I had no answers to his cards.

Game 2: A crucial Royal Decree locked down his backrow, allowing me to perform the Damsel + Hornet combo without any interruptions......

Game 3: He opened the duel with Royal Tribute, depriving me of my in-hand Venus and Hornet. Things started to look bad, as I've lost my opening Venus play. I was able to hold on as he did not draw any monsters. I Set a Ryko a few turns later, while he took Recruiter using Pot of Duality and Set it on the subsequent turn. I drew Insect Imitation on my next turn. I flipped Royal Decree, flipped Ryko to destroy Necrovalley, and brought out Damsel by tributing Ryko thanks to Insect Imitation. That turned the tides in my favour, netting me my first win of the day. 

Round 2: Vs. Stark (Junkdo) OXO
Games 1 and 2: Everything went by in a blur. Many power plays from both sides of the table, and each of us won a duel.

Game 3: I lost all 3 of my Damsels during the early-game to Chain Disappearance. At one point of the duel, I was staring down at a BLS that was ready to swing for game next turn. Miraculously, I top-decked a Centipede while holding a Hornet in hand (my only answer). Got myself back into the game after getting rid of BLS, enabling me to win a few turns later.

Round 3: Vs Kenny (Machina Gadgets) XOO
Game 1: Gadgets, Gearframes and gang proved too much for me to handle, especially when I had no Hornets to go with my Damsels/Centipedes. Hyperion taking Solemn Judgment (to the knee) didn't help either.

Game 2: Forgot what happened. =S

Game 3: Can't remember much, but small pushes came from both sides of the table. I held onto my power cards for as long as I could, before ending the match with Damsel + BLS against his defenceless Machina Fortress.

Round 4: Vs. Akira (Inzecters) XX-
Both of us were guaranteed a spot in the Top 8, so we settled it with a dice roll. He rolled 3, while I rolled 1.

Swiss score: 3-1

Top 8: Vs. Ash (Macro Beat) XOO
Game 1: He opened with Dimensional Fissure. It wasn't supposed to hurt my deck too much, since my Inzecters were still able to bomb away... Sadly, I drew an Agent-based hand as well as a Damsel, with no Hornet in sight.

Game 2: Royal Decree locked him down, allowing Damsel + Hornet to nuke without worry.

Game 3: Can't remember much, but I was able to overcome his Laggia (he sided into Dimensional Rabbit) thanks to Ryko. Won with straight beatdown, despite the fact that he had both Dimensional Fissure and Macro Cosmos up.

Top 4: Vs. Kenneth (Dragons) OXO
Game 1: Forgot what happened. =S

Game 2: Made a mistake of not attacking Tragoedia using my Hyperion, when it was at 2400ATK after he used Veiler on BLS. I kept banishing his monsters using BLS' effect during the following turns, in fear of a Mirror Force. A major mistake on my part. Considering that I was down to 300 life points, I should have tried to end the game as soon as possible. My conservative play ended up giving him more than enough time to mount a comeback.

Game 3: Arguably the most "sacky" game I've played in. I held onto my in-hand BLS for the right moment, only to lose it to Trap Dustshoot somewhere during the mid-game. Ryko kept me alive in the duel by destroying the last monster that would have hit for game. I top-decked Insect Imitation, summoned Shine Ball and tributed it to bring out Centipede. I activated Centipede, only to lose out to Effect Veiler. Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon ran over Centipede next turn, putting my life points at a dangerously low amount. Then... I top-decked my BLS and rode it to victory.

Finals: Vs. Akira (Inzecters) OO-
Game 1: I drew the "god hand" of the deck, consisting of Venus, Imitation, Heavy Storm, Hyperion, Hornet and a 6th card. I ended my turn with a field of Gachi Gachi Gantetsu and a 2900ATK Revise Dragon thanks to the Venus + Imitation combo. Gorz prevented me from winning the duel on my subsequent turn. He top-decked a Damsel, but he was unable to deal enough damage over my ATK position Gachi Gachi for game. He conceded shortly after as he was aware that he would not be able to stop my second Damsel.

Game 2: Drew yet another "godly" hand. I was able to set-up quickly, with Effect Veiler preventing his Damsel from pulling off any shenanigans. A 3400 ATK Acid Golem (+400ATK thanks to Gachi) hit exactly for game a few turns later.

Result: 1st place!


~ ChickenNoodle


  1. Can you give the deck list please?


    Something around there. ChickenNoodle changed it around a little to their liking.

  3. Thanks banniffied, looks great.
    But the ChickenNoodle style seems better.