Monday, January 23, 2012

Time for a quick update!

Hey everyone! Shaunewbiez here. We'd like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year. Get ALL the ang paos!

That aside, Ah Soo would be hosting a Team Tournament, top prize being 3 Lavalval Chains.

And we're proud to say we'll be entering, and hopefully won't end up being one position away from top 8 like Asia Plus 2011.

Also, seems like the dominating decks in the meta as of now are Hero Beat and Inzecters. With both decks dominating the meta mercilessly, we all hope for the March 1st banlist to arrive asap. And nope, I won't be doing any predictions simply because Konami doesn't read what players blog, and instead of whining on about how Opression should be back and Hornet to 1 and stuff like that, I rather just wait for the spoilers to come out, because the thrill lies in the surprises that Konami loves to throw at us.

By the way, if you OCG players haven't seen the DT14 spoilers, now's your chance to build Infernities! For Infernity Demon/Archfiend is being reprinted as a Rare in DT14. But the price of the Ultra Rare version would hardly be affected as everyone would still want the bling-bling!

Okay, that's about what I have to say, I gotta go top more often, have been scrubbing the past few tournaments, gotta work on my game. Guess Imma go now.

Signing off,

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