Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lavalval Chain Team Tourney 11/2/12

Team Name : Team Aequus
Format : Double Elimination

P1 Bannified - Karakuri
P2 Shaunewbiez - T.G. Agent
P3 ChickenNoodle - Infernity

Match 1:
(bannified) vs Frog Monarch OO
Game 1 : I went first. Komachi + Cash Cache + Instant Fusion. Everything went well from there when he just set 1 and passed. Made Landoise and negated gorz and stuff.

Game 2 : Not so beautiful hand, but had quite a few traps + Starlight Road. He dumped treeborn, set a card and passed. I summoned merchant, and it got soul exchanged the next turn for Mobius when I had 4 backrow (one was starlight). I used Warning on it. He summoned aonther Mobius again later, it got hit by my starlight road. Made Naturia Beast later on, but brainfarted and opened my Cosmos, but still won, since I had too much advantage.

(Shaunewbiez) vs Inzecters OO
Game 1: Kept using Phoenix Wing Wind Blast and Raigeki Break on his Damsels and Centipedes. Won by beating down with Venus after bringing out the Gantetsu.

Game 2: Had Orange Lights and Raigeki Break to control his field. Used Hyperion after a few turns to finish.

(ChickenNoodle) vs Hero Beat OX-
Game 1: Managed to pull off my Infernity stunts rather early, resulting in a win.

Game 2: Super Polymerization interrupted my potential Void Ogre Dragon play. Lost shortly after.

Game 3: Didn't play it out as bannified and shaunewbiez won their matches already.

Team Score : OO-

Match 2:
(bannified) vs Hero Beat OO
Game 1 : Not awesome hand, but managed to beat down with the usual Burei, since He didnt have enough monsters. Even when he did, it got taken away by warning or bottomless. Problem with hero beat.
Game 2 : Not awesome hand either. Did mistake of leaving Cyber Dragon and Merchant on the field together and forgetting to side in Chimeratech. He made mistake too of not just contacting with my materials on the field, and summoned his own cyber to contact instead, and also wasted a spark just just get rid of my backrow. Took care of the 3k Chimeratech next turn with Bureido + Strategist. Won from there pretty much, since he didnt draw any useful stuff.

(shaunewbiez) vs Six Samurai OO
Game 1: Attempted to use Venus to bring out a Gantetsu on my first turn, got stunned by a Demons Chain. Brought out Earth to search for another Venus for later and synchroed away Earth and Venus on the field for a Librarian since Catastor won't do much against it and might as well draw a card before I die should he bring out Shien. Later went for Hyperion again and beat for game.

Game 2: Drew quite a fail hand. Set Snowman and ended. Further up he attacked with Kageki, Kizan and Grandmaster, letting Kageki crash into Snowman saving me for one attack. Destroyed Kizan and took Grandmaster. Next turn followed with Earth and setting some backrow to cover myself for awhile. Finally used Heavy Storm to clear any backrow threats and brought out Hyperion again for game.

(ChickenNoodle) vs WWBF XX-
Game 1: Brought out an early Trishula, but he was able to make a quick comeback. A few turns later, we were both in a top-deck war, and he managed to get Rai-Oh thanks to Pot of Duality. Then... I drew an Archfiend... =.=

Game 2: Rai-Oh is a pretty good card. Really.

Team Score : OOX

Match 3:
(bannified) vs TG Agent OXX
Game 1 : Bureido and stuff. Even hyperion cannot stop.
Game 2 : Made mistake, and she gained quite alot of advantage from it, and I had nothing left to stop it.
Game 3 : Not awesome hand on both sides. BLS came out and I died.

(shaunewbiez) vs Inzecter XX
Game 1: Went first, set a TG Striker, a BTH and ended. Standard Inzecter stunts on his turn, leaving him Revise on the field, Damsel in hand ready to explode again next turn. No fight from me and I died without much fight.

Game 2: Similar to game 1. Had no fight from my side and died after 2-3 turns of him blowing away my entire field.

(ChickenNoodle) vs Laval XX
Game 1: I got locked down by my own backrow. I Set Infernity Break and ZERO-MAX, with no way to activate them to open up my Spell/Trap zone.

Game 2: Having knowledge that Laval decks play little to no Traps, I sided out all my MSTs. It proved to be a bad idea as I had no answer to his sided Royal Decree.

Team Score : XXX

Match 4:
Game 1 : I started with mediocre hand because there was Putra aura everywhere. The skies were dark and it was raining, in front of me was just an endless abyss, THERE WAS NO HOPEEEE. Bladeheart + Miracle for Zero + Alius + Super Poly for Shining.
Game 2 : I have no idea how I won. It's a miracle, especially after my watchdog got hit by Chain Disappearance, as well as my Strategist.
Game 3 : Merchant got hit by disappearance, Strategist too. But those weren't the problem. IT WAS THE POWER OF PUTRA THAT MADE ME LOSEEEEEEEEEEE.

(shaunewbiez) vs Dark World (Vishal) OO
Game 1: Was at a disadvantage at first as I drew Orange Lights and Dark World hardly uses effects. Venus was met with a Solemn Warning. So had to use Earth to get another Venus for next turn. Then Earth died. Brought out Hyperion the next turn to bait out any backrow and clear some threats before using Venus to get Gantetsu. Eventually won as he didn't bring out any Grapha the whole game.

Game 2: My first Earth was met with a Chain Disappearance, to which he chained Skill Drain not knowing that my effect would still go through as Earth was not on the field anymore. Activated D Fissure and ended. Took a hit by Snoww and Broww the subsequent turns with their attack sboosted by Gate of the Dark World on his turn. Later MSTed his Skill Drain, used Venus for a Gantetsu and Set MST. On his turn, he attacked my Venus with his Snoww hoping for a suicide, to which I MSTed away his Gate, resulting in a +1. Later went for Hyperion from hand and won.

(ChickenNoodle) vs TopShop T.G. Agent. (Bixuan) OO
Game 1: I was on the verge of losing. An extremely lucky Archfiend top-deck led into a Trishula play, enabling me to swing the game into my favour.

Game 2: At one point of the duel, I activated Mind Control, targeting his Rai-Oh and he chained Macro Cosmos. I summoned Brionac using the Rai-Oh and a Beetle, and I used Brionac's effect next, ditching my second Beetle to bounce Gachi before attacking Venus with Brionac. Macro Cosmos turned out to be an asset for me, as he had no answer to Brionac, therefore allowing me to run over his T.G. and Agents to gain momentum.

Team Score : XOO

Match 5:
(bannified) vs Agent Angels OO
His first time playing against Karakuri, and he wasn't familiar with the effects. So a little advantage I guess.
Game 1 : Can't really remember. Wasn't an awesome hand, but merchant made it playable, as always.
Game 2 : I made the swarm, but was afraid of Torrential so just went to beat down. I warning-ed off a Hyperion, and next turn he topped a Monster Reborn to bring back Hyperion. Didn't matter though, since I saved Avarice, and dealt with it by getting another Bureido.

(shaunewbiez) vs Rabbit Verz Raggia
Game 1: Died without much fight from an early Raggia and heavy backrow. Along with the fact that I opened with 2 T.G. Strikers and 2 Mystical Shine Balls.

Game 2: Summoned Raioh first turn in hopes of using its effect to negates Raggias summon. Did not know he ran Verz Heliotrope until he brought out 2 with his Rescue Rabbit. To which he nicely overcame my Raioh by 50 attack and proceeded to make Verz Ophion and setting more backrow. Gave up eventually as I literally could not do anything.

(ChickenNoodle) vs Bubbleman Hero

Team Score : OXO

Match 6 (same team as Match 3) :

(bannified) vs TG Agent OXO or XOO
Game 1 : Lost to usual Agent stuff. Couldn't stop with my hand.
Game 2 : Controlled with Raioh, and she had triple ball hand.
Game 3 : Forgotten, mediocre hand.

(shaunewbiez) vs Inzecter XO~
Game 1: He OTKed me after I used Solemn Warning sometime in the game and he had Limit Reverse set and plenty of nukes to come.

Game 2: Can't remember much of the earlier part of the match. Went for an OTK with Scrap Dragon, Hyperion and Daigusta Phoenix.

Game 3: Was losing but thankfully Dominic and ChickenNoodle already won their matches.

(ChickenNoodle) vs Laval

Team Score : OXO

It was down to Top 2, but the opposing team (Baha, Calvin, Jeff) had 2 lives remaining, so we had to defeat them TWICE, to win the whole thing.
Match 7 :

(bannified) vs (Cosmos Verz Raggia) OO
Game 1 : He summoned Thunderbird and set 3. I set Soldier, since everything I had couldn't get rid of Thunderbird. He attacked, and I brought out Haipa from Soldier. Got rid of the stupid Thunderbird, and it was abit of a struggle after that but I forgot, but I think won.
Game 3 : Was trying to bait some warnings out, then did pro storm, getting rid of Bottomless and Warning. proceeded with doing Bureido stunts. Advantage! Won, but wasn't easy.

(shaunewbiez) vs Bubbleman Hero OO
Game 1: He drew a very bad hand of 3 E-Hero Bubbleman and kept setting them. Assuming it was a Ryko or something, my Earth hit its big defense of 1200, taking 200 in the process. Happened again turn 2 as my Venus met with a Bottomless Trap Hole, and having my Earth attacking ANOTHER set Bubbleman, taking 200 more. Eventually won with Hyperion beating him as he didn't have a good and.

Game 2: This time he drew 2 E-Hero Bubbleman along with a bad hand. Made a TG Wonder Magician next turn to clear some backrow threats, met with Solemn Warning. I couldn't remember what happened next. But I remember later on I summoned a Venus and he used Super Polymerization with a set Bubbleman and Venus to make E-Hero The Shining. I used Phoenix Wing Wind Blast on The Shining and went BLS for game.

(ChickenNoodle) vs Hero Beat

Team Score : OXO

Match 8 (same team)

(bannified) vs Cosmos Verz Raggia XOX
Game 1 : Raggia + Ophion. Hard game.
Game 2 : Can't really remember what happened.
Game 3 : Pretty long game. He trap dustshoot my hand, and saw Snowman and Soldier. I set solder, but then he summoned Guaiba. Raggia again... then I had heavy storm + Solemn set, but was afraid that he had both Solemn and Starlight Road. Pretty sure one was a starlight road though. He didn't draw much monsters. Soldier kept me in the game, but in the end I lost. Made mistakes.

(shaunewbiez) vs Bubbleman Hero XX
Game 1: Opened with an average hand. He had a good hand. He performed more standard Hero Beat stunts this game with the pro Gemini Spark plays and lost advantage shortly after. Died after he used Alius to beat me down.

Game 2: In the earlier part of the game, both were at a stalemate. Until late game, where he made Daigusta Emerald, used it to bring out another Alius from his grave, made No.50 Black Corn to send my Gantetsu away, and died 2 turns later from repeated beatdowns.

(ChickenNoodle) vs Hero Beat

So yeah we won 3 Gold Rare Pots, and I got a pretty okay record, considering that it was my first time playing Karakuri with side deck and all. Felt comfortable with the deck, so yeah.
Sorry if my reports are short on detail, especially towards the end, because my memory's pretty bad.


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