Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tournament Report (5/11/2011)

Location: Lorong Ah Soo Shop
Format: AGC-Exclusive
Number of Participants: 39

Deck Used: A.R.A. (As Always <3)

Round 1: Vs. Nian Jie (Verz Rabbit) XOO
Game 1: I opened with a relatively bad hand. Found myself stalling with Gellenduo at one point, which he "negated" with Shock Ruler and hit for game. I misunderstood Shock Ruler's effect, and I was told later that it didn't work like Skill Drain in that sense.

Game 2: Won with the usual Herald + Hyperion.

Game 3: Probably the most tiring game of the day. He was unable to get rid of Herald, while I was unable to get rid of his Ragia and face-down Monsters, which I assumed were Vanillas. 2 Solemn Warning, 1 Solemn Judgment and 1 Chaos Trap Hole stopped all my attempts of summoning Master Hyperion, with one of my attempts being Monster Reborn. I had about 5 cards left in my Deck when I decided to play Heavy Storm, followed by a Scrap Dragon using Herald + Mystery to swing over Lavalval Chain to knock out his remaining 1000 life points.

Round 2: Vs. Wei Ann (Dragunity) OO-
Game 1: He had Stardust Dragon and a face-down card at one point of the duel. I had Herald on the field with Master Hyperion and Monster Reborn in-hand. He played Monster Reborn, targeting Phalanx, which I negated, predicting a Trident Dragion play. He followed up with Call of the Haunted, which I could not respond to. I lost Herald to Trident's 3000ATK. I managed to make a comeback with Monster Reborn on Master Hyperion.

Game 2: He opened with a weak hand. I summoned Herald, but my progress was hindered thanks to Koa'ki Meiru Drago. I drew the Smashing Ground which I sided in, and cleared Drago before going for an OTK with Daigusto Phoenix, Master Hyperion, Herald and Venus.

Top 16: Vs. Jonas Tai (Junk Doppel) XOO
Game 1: He chained Trap Dustshoot and Scapegoat to my Heavy Storm. Talk about a bad opening. Later on in the duel, I found myself stalling with Gellenduo against a Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning. He didn't activate BLS as he was aware of Herald of Orange Light in my hand thanks to Trap Dustshoot. A Ryko forced my Orange Light out, and I scooped.

Game 2: Don't remember much, but a Herald + Kristya combo won it.

Game 3: He did the Foolish + Lonefire, ending with a Catastor to get rid of my Gachi Gachi Gantetsu. He milled BLS using Bulb's effect, and I felt rather at ease as that's one possible out to Herald gone. Won eventually with Herald, Master Hyperion and Vanity's Emptiness.

Top 8: Vs. Kenneth (Infernity) XOO
Game 1: Infernity shenanigans killed me.

Game 2: Ryko killed my early Kristya. I won with the usual, if I remember correctly.

Game 3: Early Kristya (again), which died two turns later to Ryko (again). I did manage to follow up with a second Kristya on the same turn during my Main Phase 2, and he scooped.

Top 4: Vs. Faz (Infernity) OXO
Game 1: Did the usual.

Game 2: Infernity shenanigans killed me.

Game 3: I opened with Mystery and a face-down Royal Decree. On his turn, he started combo-ing off thanks to Launcher, One for One, and pretty much everything an Infernity player can ask for. He somehow managed to gain access to 2 Mirages, 1 Launcher and multiple Archfiend searches. Infernity Doom Dragon, Brionac, Infernity Archfiend, Infernity Beetle and multiple Barriers were the products of his combo. He activated Doom Dragon to nuke Mystery, which I negated with Orange Light. (Didn't use it earlier as I knew he had both Mirage and Launcher) I flipped Royal Decree during his End Phase, and I top-decked Sonic Bird to bring out Herald. He scooped.

Top 2: Vs. Calvin ---
We didn't play it out. I was fine with either Daigusto Emerald or BLS, and he wanted the Emerald for his Hero Beat. I took the BLS, since I needed it anyway. Win-Win situation for the both of us I guess.

Result: 1st/2nd place. I was very surprised that I managed to top despite being inactive for so long. I have to admit I was pretty lucky, especially in my Top 4 match. Would have lost if Faz decided to go for a straight OTK instead of setting up Doom Dragon + Barriers to counter Herald. 

~ ChickenNoodle