Friday, November 4, 2011

"We're back!" and Inzecters.

Hey guys! ChickenNoodle here.

With pretty much ALL of my major papers done and dealt with, I thought I'd make a post, since... Well, I kinda promised to write one "a few days" after my previous post, and I failed to do so.

As many of you are aware of, the Order of Chaos set would be making its debut relatively soon, in about two weeks. So far, it looks like a rather promising set, with the introduction of Ninjas and Inzecters, alongside some newer support cards for older themes such as Wind-Ups.

Personally, I find that Inzecters have plenty of potential, as well as the ninjas. I did play a few random duels against Inzecters on DuelingNetwork, and all I can say is... THOSE MASKED RIDER lookalikes are DISGUSTING (to play against).

From my minimal experience playing against the deck, the main combo resolves around Damsel, Hornet and Centipede.

Basically, you are looking to Equip Hornet to Damsel. Then, you send the equipped Hornet to nuke a card, triggering Damsel's effect to Special Summon Centipede from your Deck.

From here, Equip Hornet to Centipede and go for another free nuke, triggering Centipede to search your deck for any Inzecter, preferably Damsel, since it let's you repeat this whole process on your next turn.

Finally, you can conclude your turn by summoning Wind-Up Zenmaines using Damsel and Centipede after the combo. Luckily for the OCG community, Zenmaines is still a TCG exclusive! :D Unless some troll decides to import one and wreck havoc. =.=

Final product(s), assuming nothing stops you:
2 Free Nukes
1 Wind-Up Zenmaines (on the field)
1 Inzecter Damsel (for a chance to repeat the above next turn)


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