Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Order Of Chaos Stuff

Creeping Darkness
Effect unconfirmed : Activate by removing from play 2 DARK monsters in your Graveyard. Add 1 Level 4 DARK monster from your deck to your hand.


I can see why it's super rare.
Search Summon Priest, Infernity Archfiend (Removed monsters can be recycled using Leviair), Grepher, Armageddon Knight, Snoww(helps when no monster to discard), GK Spy.

Good card. I'm not ready to call it broken, unless someone proves that it really is broken and that it is the new Reinforcement of the Army for DARK monsters.

And also,
Weight Over
Normal Trap Card
Activate only when your opponent special summons a monster. Remove from play all level 2 or lower monsters on the field.

Side deck? Maybe.
I'm on the fence about this card though, because removing from play isn't really smart with Leviair around now(esp in TCG with tour guides).
I'd rather side Vanity's Emptiness or Chain Disappearance over this card. But I guess this is a cheap alternative to those who don't have either (which are both btw, not expensive).

So speaking about side deck cards... There's another card that can be side decked!
Royal Prison
Continuous Trap Card
While this card is on the field, neither player can Special Summon monster(s) from the Graveyard.

While it isn't as good as Royal Oppression, it is still pretty usable and is actually PERFECT for some decks. Instead of locking down ALL special summons, this card only prevents Special Summons from graveyard, perfect for decks that special summon only from the deck/extra deck, like GBs and Hero Beat.
Still, I feel that there are other better cards to side deck, since there's a thing called Grapha. I'd rather side Dimensional Fissure tbh. But we'll see, because Dimensional Fissure makes GB unable to retrieve its monsters back using Equeste, and makes Miracle Fusion in Heroes dead.
Good card design, and this is what Konami SHOULD be doing. Not broken, but usable.


  1. royal prison is just there to say that oppression is never gonna be unbanned

  2. Haha my blog also mentioned Weight Over and Royal Prison. Appears that great minds think alike LOL.