Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tourney Report 3/9/11

Hey guys! So I went for a local tourney today with Bannified, both with great results. And no, we didn't jump onto the bandwagon like most people and used TGAA. So here's my report!

Deck Used: Chaos Control/Twilight Hatred/Troll-in-a-deck, whatever you guys called it LOL.

Round 1: Kenneth XOO
Deck Used: Infernity

Game 1: Lost really badly due to him having massive card advantage over me by using 2 Infernity Randomizers. Got beat down slowly, and all I had was 2 stuck Chaos Sorcerers in my hand without any of my beaters. Eventually died from the burn and Infernity Archfiend beatdown.

Game 2: DCK controlled his plays a little, once he got rid of DCK, D.D Warrior Lady had her fun and slowly beat him down. And before you know it, Rai-Oh came out and finished the job.

Game 3: He forgot to side out 3 Starlight Roads and my deck, who only has Heavy Storm for a "Destroy 2 or more" purpose, led him to dead draws and I kept drawing Rai-Oh. Slowly beatdown.

Round 2: Rong Jie OXO
Deck Used: Tech Genus Agent Angels

Game 1: Banisher and Rai-Oh prevented his Sangan and other TGs from searching. Just won from beating down.

Game 2: No monsters, stuck with a BLS and 2 Chaos Sorcerers in hand. Lost from getting poked.

Game 3: Similar to game 1, but had DCK preventing the searches and Rai-Oh preventing his exceeds from coming out.

Round 3: Bao Yuan OO-
Deck Used: Dark World

Game 1: Kycoo controlled his graveyard of monsters. When he attempted to normal summon Beiige for Graphas summon, I warning-ed it and removed it along with Grapha the next turn with Kycoo. Game was over after a few hits and a Rai-Oh for finish.

Game 2: DD crow and Kycoo helped me remove his Graphas as well as prevented him from using gate. I sided in maximum S/T hatred and Heavy Stormed away his Solemn Warnings and Torrential Tributes in time.

Round 4: Alvin XOO
Deck Used: Agent Angels

Game 1: Got OTKed from his KFC(Daigusta Phoenix) after a few turns of a monster-less hand.

Game 2: Had Rai-Oh helping me prevent Earth from adding to his hand, when his Gantetsu came out, I negated its summon, D.Prisoned his Venus, and drew my bosses and won from there.

Game 3: BLS came early, he Torrential Tribute away my Kycoo while my Banisher was in the grave, Chaos Sorcerer came out first to bait his Orange Light while removing his Gantetsu from play, and BLS came shortly after, and killed him as he had little life points left.

Round 5: Sam ---
Gave him the win as he needed to help his friends tie breaker.

Top 8: Bannified (Stupid pairing system)
Deck Used: Frognarchs

-Totally blank about this match, can't remember what happened, so Imma leave it to him to fill this part in- Sorry! xP

Top 4: PohSeng XX-
Deck Used: Grave Keepers

Game 1 : He went first, set a GK Spy, I SPed a Cyber Dragon followed by a Kycoo, had abit of momentum going, until he tributed away my Chaos Sorcerer, played Dark Hole, and left me handless after a few turns, lost from the constant advantage GKs provide, having Necrovalley prevented my BLS from appearing as well.

Game 2: Royal Tributed again, left me with 3 cards in hand, lost very fast, little hand size. Q_Q

3rd/4th: Sam

-Shared- He took the common Trishula, I took Vylon Disigma. We fun dueled, got my ass kicked with his imba skill, nothing to say.

Results: 4-1 swiss, decent deck, needs abit of tweaks to reduce inconsistency though, other than that, pretty decent in my opinion. Pretty troll as well, as some people said. :D

That ends the tourney report I guess, however, some rounds were pretty blank, so I apologize if I got some plays/scores wrong. Heh.

Signing off,

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