Saturday, September 3, 2011

bannified - 3/9/11 Bishan Asia Card Shop Tournament Report

Good sign in the morning cuz in the morning I was playing Monopoly on my phone and I won. Just random.
And I was planning to use a deck that is kind of under the radar.
Anywho, I went to Bishan Asia Card Shop for the tourney

Deck Used : Frog Monarchs

I swear, Frog Monarchs are so underrated this format.

Match 1 : D Hero Zombie (Ting Jun) XOO
Game 1 : He spammed the field with Brionac, Stardust, and Scrap Dragon. Even Fader couldn't save me.
Game 2 : Apparently he drew bad, but he still swarmed the field. It was a close game, though, until he had no zombies in his deck to search. I beat him down with the usual Caius and stuff.
Game 3 : I trap dustshoot his awesome hand of 1 BLS, 2 Malicious and some other random stuff. Obviously you can't do shit with 2 Malicious, so he died quite shortly after.

Match 2 : Pure Agent Angels (Alvin) XX-
Game 1 : Can't really remember, but I remember I trap dustshoot but he got alot of other shit.
Game 2 : Same as game 1.

Match 3 : Dark World (Bao Yuan) OO-
Game 1 : I set dupe frog, and it got lightning-ed away, giving me my Swap Frog. Dupe Frog gives me sooo much consistency. I killed him by using reborn on his Grapha and beating him down with his own Grapha. I felt bad by using his own monsters.
Game 2 : I remember I killed him with Daigusta Phoenix.

Match 4 : T.G. Agent Angels (Jeremy Aw) OO-
Game 1 : This game went on for like 25 minutes, mostly because I had Vanity's Fiend on the field, and it kept killing his T.G. monsters and he kept setting them cuz he could keep searching them out. He got torrential and Honest off of Dualitys, and he killed the Vanity's Fiend with Torrential by summoning his own Venus. I had Enemy Controller in my backrow, so it was a good read. After that I forgot that he still had honest, so my Caius removed his backrow instead, which is sad. But I still won after that, despite making really stupid misplays. I even had 100LP left.
Game 2 : This game went into time. He used Black Rose Dragon to clear my Tragoedia and set Enemy Controller, and after that used something to punch me directly and I dropped Tragoedia again. I beat him down and his life points became like 200 lesser than mine, so yeah I won.

Match 5 : T.G. Agent Angels (Yao Jie) OXO
Game 1 : I think he drew 1/2 Shine Balls, but he still attempted to otk me with Daigusta Phoenix with 1 United. I had battle fader, and I got rid of his gachi and Phoenix somehow,and he had hyperion but his LP was at 400. I made Gachi and summoned Light and Darkness Dragon to win. Trishula appeared somewhere I remember.
Game 2 : He killed me with Phoenix + 2 United.
Game 3 : He had bad hand I guess. So i won.

Top 8 : Chaos Control (Shaunewbiez) XOX NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Game 1 : Don't really remember. I think i didn't draw enough tribute monsters to kill him, and he top decked BLS to kill me. If I had setted my E-Con, i think i wouldn't have died so early.
Game 2 : I sent treeborn to grave using Swap Frog then Trap Dustshoot his beautiful hand of 1 BLS 1 Chaos Sorc 1 Kycoo 1 Torrential 1 Veiler 1 Transmigration (I think). Kycoo went back to deck as I had ways to get rid of his high beaters when he summoned them. Next turn, I had treeborn in grave but I had a set card, and I said "Standby phase", trying to cheat him into using his transmigration, and he did. So my scam worked LOL.
Game 3 : This game went into time. I had 3 faders, but nothing to tribute them off. His lifepoints were higher than mine, so I lost due to time.

Bottom 4 : Pure Agent Angels (ALVIN AGAIN) XX-
Game 1 : Venus + Gachi + Phoenix + Hyperion + Kristya vs treeborn frog, Guess who won
Game 2 : I was controlling, and managed to deplete most of his hand using LaDD, baiting out Cards from the Sky, Dark Hole, and Earth. But he top decked Kristya after getting rid of my LaDD. I think I should main 2 Core destroyer next time.

So yeah after that got V-Jump Edition 5. Kinda sucks. But yeah getting something is better than getting nothing. At least the pack had like 2 Exceeds with red names, so I guess thats kinda cool. More importantly, Frog Monarchs proved themselves good. Really good.

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