Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lil' Jimmies on DuelingNetwork.

Greetings, ChickenNoodle here.

I do regret making this post my second "hate" post in a row, but what I experienced about 15 minutes ago on DuelingNetwork was, well, pretty drastic. He has redefined the definition of "DNET Noob" for me, so much to the extent that I am convinced he/she is the Epitome of a Bad Player AND Cheater (on DuelingNetwork).

Here's what happened:

During one of the earlier turns, my opponent, by the username of "WilliamBentley" milled Heavy Storm and two other irrelevant cards (random spells) into the graveyard using Card Trooper's effect. I went ahead to set 4 cards to my backrow, having knowledge that Heavy Storm is no longer a threat.

He looked through his graveyard. All was fine, until I noticed an enlarged picture of Heavy Storm flashing in the centre of the screen, followed by the automatic "hand shuffle" conducted by the system. Basically, he added the Heavy Storm back to his hand, thinking that I wouldn't notice, assuming that I've hit "Alt-Tab" for Facebook.

I kindly told him to return Heavy Storm to where it belonged, but he fired back with "Are you delusional?" and other phrases that questioned my sanity. He made a big fuss, arguing for about 2 whole minutes before he finally gave in.

However, to my horror, that wasn't where he intended to stop his ploy. Further into the duel, a gameplay dispute regarding Naturia Beast negating existing Spell Cards occured. (Yes, he tried to negate Gate of the Dark World's attack boost). While I was supposedly looking up rulings, he tried to retrieve the Heavy Storm yet again, only to be caught red-handed.

This time, I consulted the help of a Moderator, but I was told to simply hit "Quit" or "A.S.S." as he was unable to resolve the issue. Not satisfied, I tried playing "Mind Games" with him, as I didn't want my first duel of the day ruined, especially since it's after a long week or so worth of Preliminary Examinations.

"WilliamBentley" started a random rant, calling me a "nerd" and claiming that he is a "model who works at Hollister" and "how much better I look than you". He provided a link to his FaceBook profile, which nearly caused an unload of my lunch sandwich via my mouth.

The conversation carried on with posh sentences (you-know-whose) alternating his immature ones, only to conclude with <refer to picture below> before he clicked "Admit Defeat".

Never have I imagined something MORE RIDICULOUS than Scrubs AFKing for the sake of rating could appear on DuelingNetwork. =(

Once again, I do apologise for the lack of constructive blog posts from me. I was planning to write one, but this incident stole the limelight for today.

Look out for my post in a few days' time! (I hope.)

~ ChickenNoodle

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