Saturday, September 24, 2011

24/9/11 Bishan Asia Card Shop Tourney Report

Match 1 : Shaunewbiez(Machina Gadget) OXO
Game 1 : He searched out all his gadgets, but I had Wind monarch to get rid of his Enemy Controller took his hope to take the tempo of the game. And won with 2 wind monarchs on the field.
Game 2 : he summoned banisher first turn, then my Snowman got compulse-d. I didn't draw any tributes and it was all Fader action. Died soon after.
Game 3 : I dropped Tragoedia early, and 3600 was no joke. He lost due to time.

Match 2 : Rong Jie (TG Agent Angel) OO
Game 1 : He started off with Earth search, then after that I veiler-ed his Venus. Don't know how but I just won after beating down with Monarchs.
Game 2 : He brought out BLS, but I had dark hole to get rid of it, and reborn-ed it, then summoned Vanity's Fiend ftw.

Match 3 : Baha (Junk Doppel) OXX
Game 1 : Wind Monarch was really irritating. For him. So I just won by beating down. Scrap Dragon killed him.
Game 2 : He had lonefire + Reborn. But I killed his with Dark Hole.After that I just slowly died because I had no frog. Even drew Burial.
Game 3 : Same as Game 2, except it went slow as he had bad hand too.

Match 4 : Poh Seng (Royal Tribute.dek) OXX
Game 1 : No royal tribute. So I won by doing the Wind Monarch + Swap loop.
Game 2 : Got royal tribute. I loss.
Game 3 : No royal tribute. But i still loss


Match 5 : Xiao Mei (Dark World)OX-
Game 1 : This game lasted long. I think almost everything came out except for her 2nd and 3rd Grapha. I removed her first one using Caius, so yeah I won.
Game 2 : She had Skill Drain, so I couldn't dump my Treeborn into the grave, and I just died from beatdown.
We decided to share prize and let me go up, so yeah.

Got into top 8. Even with 3 wins. Mostly because of Baha's full swiss which made my tiebreaker relatively high.

Top 8 : Samuel (Chaos Meta Beat) OXX

Game 1 : Close game. gorz pulled me back into the game as it gave me 2 tributes to bring out LADD, which pretty much helped me to bring down his resources. He drew a gorz as well, and killed my LADD, bringing back my own gorz, and then somehow I killed his gorz, and won.
Game 2 : Died because of constant abuse by DCK. And no frog, I think.
Game 3 : I got killed because my hand was totally unplayable. No frogs at all.

Bottom 4 : Poh Seng AGAIN (Royal Tribute.dek) XOO
Game 1 : Can't rmb if got Royal Tribute. Close game, but still loss, no matter what I did, he still could fight back. He won eventually.
Game 2 : Close game. Caius got demon chained, but I still won due to time. I used one soul exchange, then he solemn, but I had another one, and I took back control. Won.
Game 3 : No royal tribute but he opened with Assailant, Backrow, and Necrovalley. I used Heavy Storm, and followed up with Cyber Dragon and Swap Frog, which beat him down and put his lifepoints below mine. I still had fader, but it didn't matter since he drew no monsters.

5th-6th : Ball-Snow Bryan ( Agent Angel)
We took what we wanted, and too tired to play.

Got Formula Synchron.
Realized I always lost due to "No frogs" excuse. Even duality in the main deck didn't help much. Need put insane tech Jester Confit already. Or not.

Nice alternatives would be Gravekeeper's Spy, spirit reaper, marshmallon, Phantom Dragon, Cyber Dinosaur. Even nimble momonga lol wtf. I don't know. Anything that works.
Also, I realized I have bad matchup against Stun based decks. Ho-O.

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