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Updates and Tourney Report 24/9/11

Hey everybody, Shaunewbiez here, my apologies for not updating on posts ever since the SG Showdown as I didn't have time and was studying for exams. Excuses aside, I can say that I was wrong as the majority weren't Six Samurais, and by now as you should know, TGAAs was the most played deck and the top 4 had 2 Junk-Do decks. Impressive players were a key factor as well.

Okay, so I went for a tourney yesterday with Bannified, and didn't top 8, I was using a very different Machina Gadget build and yes, it failed.. badly.

Okay, so here's a quick tourney report, forgive me if I missed anything significant out or remembered the match wrongly, this is a very brief post, so here we go!

Tourney Report 24/9/11
Deck Used: Machina Gadgets

Match 1 - Bannified (Fate, Y U SO EVIL) XOX
Deck Used: Frog Monarchs

-Refer to his tourney report in his most recent post for full details of my demise-

Match 2 - Alvin/Mango XOX
Deck Used: Whirlwind Black Feathers

Game 1 - He kept spamming Rai-Ohs to lock down my searching everytime I clear one. I lost due to late farming and poor control, not to mention his Whirlwind came right after his Rai-Ohs were conveniently put out of the way by me, not to mention his Shuras and Boras made my gadgets look puny. Lost due to too many pokes here and there.

Game 2 - Christmas came early with a near-perfect hand, began farming and won after he kept stalling and I kept farming.

Game 3 - Made a mistake halfway through the game by not searching my cannon when 2 were already out, if I did so, I would have won already. He eventually used Vayus effect to bring out Silverwind the Ascendant to swarm me with birds.

Match 3 - Bixuan/Sazabi OO-
Deck Used: Dark World

Game 1 - Early farming with Limiter Removal won me a quick game after a few turns.

Game 2 - I assumed he had a bad hand as he played very conservatively, won after awhile as he had no fast Graphas.

Match 3.5 - Waffle OO-
Filling Used: Chocolate

Game 1 - Nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom.
Game 2 - Nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom.


Match 4 - Clarence XX-
Deck Used: LightLords/Lightsworn

Game 1 - He had a constant supply of monsters through Charge of the Light Brigade and Solar Recharge, milling some Wulfs in the process, got beat down by Wulf and Card Trooper, followed by more of Wulfs buddies.

Game 2 - Even more Wulfs came about, although I had Banisher of the Radiance on the field, he cleared it with ease, and died shortly after even when I dropped Gorz. Can't remember what killed me eventually.

Match 5 - Some random colorblind dude XOX-
Deck Used: TGAA

Game 1 - My Compulsory Evacuation Devices never came to me, lost as his Venus turned my Gadgets into its toys.

Game 2 - Won through Machina Fortress ramming down his giant wall of a Gantetsu, when the wall broke, finally killed it with the Gadgets I swarmed while ramming the wall down.

Game 3 - Didn't draw any Compulsory Evacuation Devices again, died from 2 Hyperions/Light Armed Dragons removing my hard-earned advantage.

In the end, won a lucky draw of a Zexal dice (whoopee.)

Time for some modifications to both my Main and Side decks for Machina Gadgets, they either need a revamp, or a break. And I'd like to give kudos to Samuel who played his own Chaos variant, glad to see more Chaos Beat being played around now.

Signing off,

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