Friday, September 9, 2011

Last thoughts before the SG Showdown.

Hey guys, Shaunewbiez here. This is probably my last post before I go for the SG Showdown tomorrow. IMO, the 2 decks which are going to appear alot tomorrow would be the all famous TG Agent Angels, and surprisingly, Six Samurais.

Why Six Samurais? Yeah, you didn't read wrong. I indeed speculate Six Samurais making a comeback tomorrow.

Recently, I saw a friend play Six Samurais, and am amazed at how they're still able to survive despite the newly-limited Shien. Which he managed to compensate for with Naturia Beast, which is crazy, since it can negate Heavy Storms, Dark Holes and such.

Also, not to mention that they still did not touch Gateway, their infinite RotA which keeps on giving and giving. That helps them create more and more swarming of Kizans.

Lastly, I'll be using a whole new concept of side decking tomorrow, hopefully it works. I'll keep you posted regarding the meta tomorrow as well as how my side deck goes.

Signing off,

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  1. Quick junkdoppel and TG variants too. Lightlord is another deck to be wary.