Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ChickenNoodle's National Day Tournament Report! (9th August 2011)

Location: Asia Card Games (Kit’s New Shop)
Format: 4 Round Swiss, Cut off to Top 8
Number of Participants: 45

Deck Used: A.R.A. (Agent Herald) As always. <3

Round 1: Vs. David (Offering Gadgets) XOO
Game 1: He opened the duel with a Gadget + 3 backrows. He activated Bottomless on my Venus on my turn, and I ended with no further plays. Ultimate Offering comes up next, and a swarm of Gadgets + black-framed cards went for an OTK.

Game 2: Turn 1 Herald works wonders.

Game 3: He opened with a Green Gadget and nothing else, telegraphing a bad hand. Manju led into Herald (ATK position) next turn. I won shortly after as he had no answers to my setup.

Round 2: Vs. Jackie (Debris Dandy) OO-
Game 1: Sonic Bird led into a Turn 1 Herald. He commented that he was unprepared for the Herald matchup. I summoned a Trishula later on in the duel. Controlled the flow of the duel and won eventually, as he had no answers.

Game 2: Relatively slow duel, with me using D.D. Crow on his Avarice somewhere in-between. A field consisting of Herald, Kristya and Gozen Match scored another win for me.

Round 3: Vs. Kenneth (Rabbit Ragia) OXO
Game 1: Early Herald works wonders.

Game 2: He opened with Ragia (via Rabbit) + Dimensional Fissure…… A second Ragia appears on his next turn. I thought I was the one playing the Control deck! =(

Game 3: Turn 1 Herald. AGAIN. (Please don’t rage at me, Kenneth. xD)

Round 4: Vs. Jonas Bai (Malefic Drain) XOX
Game 1: Definitely my “worst of the worst” matchup. He runs Rai-Oh, Skill Drain, Necrovalley (Stops Hyperion), along with huge hitters like Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon and Malefic Cyber End Dragon. GG.

Game 2: Managed to struggle and pull off a win.

Game 3: This duel went into time. He opened Fusilier Dragon + 4 backrows. I Summoned Sonic Bird, and he flipped Skill Drain. A 2800ATK Fusilier Dragon ran over my Sonic Bird for game.

Swiss Score: 3-1

Top 8: Vs. JunJie (Machina Gadgets) OO-
Game 1: Turn 1 Herald! GO!

Game 2: He opened the duel with a Gadget + 4 backrows. I did a lucky Giant Trunade followed up with a Herald summon. Controlled the tempo of the duel, and negated his Smashing Grounds. At one point, I had Herald + Hyperion on the field along with a Monster Reborn in-hand. He Dark Hole-ed me (NOO!). I top-decked Kristya next, and I used Monster Reborn on my Herald (properly summoned). Kristya followed suit, adding Hyperion back to my hand. Kristya smashed through a couple of Set Gadgets during the following turns, and I won shortly after due to massive 2800ATK swings.  

Top 4: Vs. JONAS BAI AGAIN! (Malefic Drain) XOX
Game 1: I started first, but I didn’t open with Herald. He got rid of my Set Royal Decree, and he won shortly after thanks to his awesome Main Deck. =(

Game 2: No Herald again. I opened with Mystery, searched for Venus and ended. Luckily, he didn’t have much of a setup as well. My Mystery stayed alive, which I followed with a Venus summon for 3 Shine Balls (in ATK position). I attacked with everything to press for damage.  I converted my field into Gachi Gachi Gantetsu and Ancient Sacred Wyvern in the Main Phase 2 and ended my turn. An overpowered Ancient Sacred Wyvern hit directly for game on the next turn.

Game 3: I felt totally helpless in this one. He had all the answers, while I had no answers to his answers. =(

3rd/4th: Vs. Anthony (Debris Dandy) OO-
Game 1: Turn 1 Herald gave an unfair advantage against a Plant deck.

Game 2: Took control of the duel with Herald yet again. I made a minor mistake of flipping Gozen Match when he had a freshly summoned Lonefire Blossom and Zephyros on the field. I should have waited for him to activate Lonefire’s effect before chaining Gozen to it. However, it wasn’t much of a problem as I had a massive hand of Fairy-types.

I ended up 3rd place and won a Trishula (Gold Rare). I was quite surprised that the Top 2 players decided to drop it down to the 3rd/4th, but I guess that’s a good thing for me. I wanted to win a Pot of Duality though (despite its lower price value), but DSummon took it as he was in the 1st/2nd placing. =S

Fun fact: I got 3rd place at the National Day tournament last year and I got 3rd place again at this year’s. Déjà vu. =) 

~ ChickenNoodle


  1. apparently, the anti-meta machine deck took everyone off guard yesterday.

  2. It certainly did. If it gets popular... I'm a goner. =(