Wednesday, August 10, 2011

bannified - 9/8/11 Bishan Asia Card Games Tourney Report

Deck Used : Hero Beat (2 card difference from previous tournament)

Format : 4 round swiss cut to top 8

Turnout : 45
Tables available : too little.

Round 1 : Jess AGAIN (DD Tengu beat) OO
Game 1 : He had both d fissure and macro. Dead Miracle and hero blast set and bluffs, but still won. Safe zone protected my raioh when he used torrential and he scooped shortly after
Game 2 : Killed his kinetics with sided cyber dragons. Had a good monster hand which dealt with his monsters effectively. Won after i killed his 2nd kinetic.

Round 2 : Jian Xin (Future Fusion FTK (the one with zephyros and stuff)) XOO
Game 1 : I didnt know he was playing future fusion variant of hero beat. And he started first with stratos. I followed suit. Then he warning-ed me. And he reborned my stratos to blow my fake reinforcement, and summoned alius for big damage push. And exceed for roach (no idea why). Had nothing to protect me. Hand was full monsters. I summoned mole, and it got warning-ed as well, and i didnt have any backrow. So I died.
Game 2 : I double warning-ed him this time, and I didnt even need to use my kinetic soldier in hand to kill him. Breaker did the job.
Game 3 : Safe zone handled alot. He attempted to crash his crusader into my raioh, and i chained safe zone onto my raioh, so raioh stayed on the field, and it stayed there until end of game. My super poly wasn't used, even though it appeared in my opening hand.

Round 3 : Jonas Bai (High Dark Drain Machine Beat) XX
Game 1 : had delicious hand of 4 traps + 1 book of moon. But went 2nd. After i set everything, he went Eradicator Epidemic Virus. -6 over 3 turns. Died eventually from his AGGDs from geartown.
Game 2 : I started first, but no traps. So i got the virus again, and died from 2 AGGDs.
Surprise factor ftw!

Round 4 : Sin Long (Six Samurai) OO
Game 1 : I had good hand of many traps. He had bad hand of no tuner. I bottomless his hand of six samurai brought out by kageki, and he used seven tools. He went Revise Dragon and attempted to kill my alius, and I used prison. He solemned and I solemned, he scooped.
Game 2 : I safe zone-ed my own raioh to prevent it from getting bottomless-ed. He used Giant Trunade next turn, and my raioh died. He went kagemusha, kizan, kizan, and synchro-ed for Naturia Barkion. I had Super Poly in my hand, and I was like laughing on the inside after i realized Barkion was a dragon. So i used Super Poly on Kizan and Barkion, FOR.... DRAGON KNIGHT DRACO-EQUISTE!
His field was empty afterwards and He scooped. Even if He had a trap, I could have stole Barkion's effect to negate for 1 turn. So I won, thanks to Super poly.

Top 8 : DSummon (Karakuri Machina Life Completer) OXX ? I know I lost anyway.
Game 1 : Don't really have a clear impression of this game. But I guess this game might be due to Rai-Oh controlling or something... Honestly cannot remember, but I guess he'll have his tourney report up, so you guys can check it out at duelingdays blog
Game 2: : First turn Triple Bureido. I spark-ed away his Book of Moon, and went ahead to special summon Cydra for a delicious 5000 chimeratech. But he used Avarice next turn and managed to take back the game. I think it had something to do with 1 Bureido, 1 Burei, and 1 Ninja then more Bureidos coming out.
Game 3 : I sided in Dimensional Fissures. But they appeared when I was dying LOL. I can't really remember this game either... Bad memory.

Bottom 8 : KL (Worms) OXO
Game 1 : My Raioh with Safe Zone kept him from using his 2 dead pots of duality. He didnt have much of a backrow and his Yagan couldn't use its effect to bounce off Raioh. So won.
Game 2 : Nebula went off and Worm King came out. It was too big for me to handle, and my Raioh + Safe Zone got destroyed by his Offerings to the Snake Deity. Was slowly beaten down by Worm King and died.
Game 3 : No Safe zone this time ): but there was greenkappa! massive destruction of backrow, and he couldn't recover from MOAR safe zones.

5th/6th : Junjie (Machina Gadgets) OXX
Game 1 : Can't really remember how I won. I think it has something got to do with Safe Zone and Raioh and Breakers...
Game 2 : Misplayed quite abit and allowed his Spirit Reaper to eat off my hand. Outadvantaged by too much, and died.
Game 3 : Kinda same as Game 2, just that my poor Shining got removed. ):

Got 6th and got Daigusta Phoenix, which isn't bad. Getting something is better than nothing, I guess.
Quite satisfied with my new fixes to my deck. Didn't really test the new stuff out, but yeah it worked perfectly and better than I expected.
Safe zone's really good. Safe zone + Raioh = gg for ALOT of decks. And plus, chaining Safe Zone to MST/Breaker is really awesome as well.
Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste as well.
I actually side quite alot for Doppel Dandy, but I always never meet them.


  1. There 2 Jonas or more playing yugioh, the one played with u was Jonas Bai*.

  2. Ohhh. Thanks for the correction.
    I saw Tai, sorry haha.