Sunday, August 14, 2011

Asians are strong... in ygo

Top 8 are out! Details as follows in order of standing...
Michel Gruner (Germany) - Junk Doppel
She Wei Hao (Taiwan) - Six Samurai
Takashi Ogawa (Japan) - Agent Angel
Yang Young-Duck (Korea) - Six Samurai
Kongjaroen Phanupak (Thailand) - Machina Gadget
Kaven Sue (Singapore) - Junk Doppel
Galileo De Obaldia (Panama) - Junk Doppel
Kei Murakoshi (Japan) - Junk Doppel

from DuelingDays.

6 Asians in top 8?! Definitely something. Seems like with no tengus and tour guide and priority, many tcg players really can't make it.

And also, Galileo De Obaldia didn't scrub! Which is good, means that he hasn't lost touch. I'm actually quite surprised. Would be nice if he topped again. Just saying.

4 Junk Doppels in top 8. Not surprising. Samurais aren't consistent enough to bring you through 6 rounds, that deck needs luck, even with 3 Smoke Signals. Junk Doppel is really the best and most consistent deck you can take to Worlds, plus it has a good matchup against Samurais

Looking good so far.
And also, congrats to Kaven, our Singapore Rep, for making it to top 8.

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