Sunday, July 17, 2011


Okay, Shaunewbiez here, doing a tourney report after a tourney today with ChickenNoodle!

Overall, it went fine, and yeah, I apologize if it's kind of short because I can't really remember exact details very well, not to mention that it's my first tourney report. So here it goes!

Round One: Vishal (Dimensional Gladiator Beasts) OXO
Game 1: I had no idea what deck he was playing, he opened with Laquari and set 4, expecting a BF variant or some sort, I was taken by surprise. I can't really remember what exactly happened, but GB's being my best matchup, I just out-advantaged him with the constant gadget flow and warnings when he tags back in, and won eventually.

Game 2: I opened with 3 gadgets this time. Self-explanatory. I had no backrow supporting my fragile gadgets, so got ran over shortly. And finally reached 0 life points.

Game 3: Same as game 1. Managed to farm advantage faster than him with the easy gadget flow and no chariots at all.

Conclusion: Won with alot of luck, and didn't get chariot-ed at all.

Round 2: ___ (Icarus Gladiator Beasts) OXO

Game 1: /Facepalmed myself when he opened with a Lanista this time. He wasted warning on my gadgets when I had 2 in hand, so lots of mind games here and there. After farming quite abit of advantage, went for a straight push with limiter.

Game 2: Believe it or not, Murmillo beatdown for awhile, I had no monsters. And by the time I drew one, he managed to bottomless it, and left my field wide open. Add a little Gyzarus here and there, and yeah, life points hit 0.

Game 3: Now it was his turn to have no monsters, gadget beatdown till he died.

Conclusion: Always, ALWAYS table shuffle.

Round 3: Jun Jie (Machina Gadgets) OO-

Game 1: FMLed, as the last two times I played with him in previous tourneys, I lost.. bad. Played very cautiously this time, and OTKed him as soon as I could.

Game 2: Can't really remember, but OTKed him again.

Conclusion: Mirror matches ain't fun as both players know each others combos and tricks, only thing that diversifies our decks are our techs.

Round 4: Kenneth (Infernity-GB) OXX

Game 1: Yes, you read it right. Infernity was used the first round. Throughout the first game, he either lacked monsters, or he drew them at the wrong time. Finally managed to use Hope to beatdown and won.

Game 2: He sided in some GB core cards now. Getting panicky and paranoid as I saw his deck in action earlier. So played too defensively, and barriers and warnings overpowered me. Lost, real bad.

Game 3: Now was getting worried, a new deck strategy, so I had no idea what to side. We kept throwing our best stuff at each other, but he had me when he top-decked a nice Infernity Archfiend when I had 200 life points left, and went over my Green Gadget. Trolled.

Conclusion: Buy more D.D Crows and Effect Veiler for my side deck.

Round 5: Rong Jie (Debris Hero) OXO

Game 1: After splashing water in my face after Round 4 to wake myself up, game face was on. He opened with Alius and a few backrows. I trunaded, summoned Gearframe, searched Fortress, dumped 2 Fortress to revive the other, and attacked. Set 2 and ended. He tried some stunts, but managed to stop it with warning. Won after a few more attacks.

Game 2: Did epic stunts, searching future fusion with synchro fusionist, future fusion dumping zephyros, bouncing future fusion, future fusion again, and yeah. Butt-raped. No lube.

Game 3: He started with Stratos, and a pot, pulling out gemini spark. He set 2 and ended. I OTKed him by MSTing the right card, his D-Prison. Gearframe and double Fortress + limiter removal for game. His other set card was hero blast, which was lucky because I would've lost if I MSTed the wrong one.

Conclusion: Build a side deck to counter hybrid decks.

Swiss score, 4-1

Top 8: Aequus member ChickenNoodle (ARA) OO-

Round 1: For this matchup, went aggressive because I know once Declarer is out, it's game over. Not to mention he knew my decklist inside out, as well as my side deck, since we built it together. Luckily he didn't have much of a good starting hand, and I had a very nice starting hand. Rushed for game.

Round 2: This game, he had all the lovely guns in the form of Declarer in his hand, but no ammo. He couldn't bring out Declarer in time, and played super aggressively before the world crashes on me. Turns out, he had a terrible case of hand jam.

Conclusion: Screw the tournament's pairing system.

Top 4: Akira (Offering Gadgets) XX-

Round 1: First turn he set offering. I had nothing, so just summoned a gadget and end. Second turn. Swarming like a boss, and died.

Round 2: Same story. Offering should be limited or something. :/


3rd/4th placing : Jess

Didn't play, just took our prizes.

He took tuning, I took Quasar and Traded for his DiSigma.

Not bad, finally invested in 2 more pots for my gadgets.

So yep. 2 members of Team Aequus topped today, pity I had to face ChickenNoodle in the first round, if not we'd probably be in the top 4 today. Nonetheless, it's a great start. :)

Signing off,


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