Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tourney Report for 17/7/11

Okay guys! So I decided to go for Yishun's tourney today after mugging abit last night. And yeah, gotta tone down soon as O's are coming. Decided to use my GBs today as I realised that it's the only competitive deck I own which never reached top 8 before, so gave it a try today, so yep, here's the tourney report!

Deck Used: Gladiator Beasts

Round 1: ___ (Cloudian Quasar OTK) OO-

Game 1: I set Hoplomus, set 4 cards and end. He creature swapped me, giving me a set Mother Grizzly. Was thinking.. After awhile realised that only one deck uses that, and became extra careful. Summoned a Laquari after that, took some damage by ramming into Hoplomus, then tagged for Murmillo as I didn't want to give him a free wall for defense, and next turn he didn't do anything. After that, I attacked with both, tagged Murmillo for Darius, pulled Hoplomus, then went for an exceed for Hope. Beatdown for game.

Game 2: Either he had a bad hand, or was scared of my backrows. I'm guessing bad hand as he didn't do much. Slowly poked him and eventually won.

Round 2: Antony (Junk Doppel Debris Dandy) XOX

Game 1: He was able to clear all the right cards. Enough said.

Game 2: Dimensional Fissure prevented him from doing his stunts, combined with a few warnings and chariots here and there, he didn't have much to fight back with.

Game 3: Same as game 1, he managed to pull off all the right moves. Does he have a Millenium Eye or something?

Round 3: Rong Jie (Debris Hero) OO-

Game 1: He opened with Rai-Oh, and having no monsters in my opening hand and only a Proving Ground, I panicked. Top-decked an Equste and used it with shrink to clear Rai-Oh, then tagged for Bestiari to clear some backrow. Set 4 and end. He summoned Stratos and I used warning on it. He set 2 more, next turn I drew another Gladiator Beast and went for Gyzarus, he BTHed it but I chained lance. Beat down with Gyzarus and won.

Game 2: He had no monsters, so I just poked him slowly while protecting my monsters with lances.

Round 4: Leo (Naturia Control) OXO

Game 1: Managed to clear his naturia monsters before the big boss Bambooshoot came out, from there, was fairly easy to poke away at his life points, eventually bringing it down to zero.

Game 2: He used too much resistance against me, and it was too strong to counter. By turn 3, he brought out Bambooshoot, and sucked thumb from there.

Game 3: He used Swords of Revealing Light. Managed to lance my Laquari just to get an attack on a set monster as I couldn't risk having a turn 2 Bambooshoot. Luckily it was just a Des Lacooda, and tagged for Bestiari to destroy his Swords of Revealing Light. Kept reducing his advantage through tagging and chariot, finally won him after a short while of resistance.

Top 8:

Sam (Six Sam) XX-

Game 1: Got eaten by Shien and his crew, knowing how Six Sams literally eat GBs for breakfast, the resistance I put still wasn't good enough.

Game 2: Same story as game 1, I was a sitting duck with low attack mobs and unable to spam lances and shrinks on grandpa Shien without him negating.

Bottom 4:

Antony (Junk Doppel Debris Dandy) OO-

Game 1: He lost his Millenium Eye powers this time, and managed to control with chariots and warnings and beating him down slowly.

Game 2: Dimensional Fissure controlled his entire play, backed up by warning, chariot and bottomless trap holes, my Gladiator Beasts had balls of steel.


William (Dark World) XOX

Game 1: We both put on a tough fight, but he managed to recover faster with Grapha and Dark World Lightning combos, consistently giving me -1's all over the place. By the end of game 1, he had way more cards than me, leaving a Hoplomus to act as a temporary wall but Grapha eventually got summoned and ran over it, unleashing the rest of his Dark World mobs on me.

Game 2: Prevented his stunts, and got abit lucky as I suspected he had quite abit of a bad hand. Eventually won by using 3 GBs at one time to hit as he had Skill Drain out and tagging would be useless.

Game 3: He used Skill Drain again, and only when I was left with about 2.5k life points I was told that I could actually Lance my GB to allow it to use its effects, when William told me I couldn't. So yeah. Too late, and died.

Position: 6th

Took 5 packs of Photon Shockwave only to realised the other 25 packs all had the foils. :/

Only good thing was that earlier on, halfway through the tourney, I opened 2 packs, and one of them had a Holo Photon-Eyes Galaxy Dragon. So yep, earned nonetheless. Back to Machina Gadgets next week I guess. But for this week, gonna study like a boss.

Signing off,

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