Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quick Update!

Okay guys, all 3 of us are really busy will school, hence the poor rate of posts and stuff. However, during school, I thought of a "3-in-1" Gladiator Beast deck. Whereby the Main Deck transitions into 2 other GB decks, bringing out 3 different playstyles at your fingertips, or at least in between matches. A decklist is ready, and I'm working on the side decks now. As with Inception - The idea of a dream within a dream. I have now created the Inception Glads - The deck idea of a toolbox within a toolbox. LOL. Okay that's quite lame of me, I blame it on the stress given by school and the intensive O level preparations coming up now. Might test it this Saturday when I'm done finalizing the builds.

Signing off,

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