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ChickenNoodle's Tournament Report (16/7/2011)

Hey guys! ChickenNoodle here. I was planning to write an introduction earlier this week, but I had barely any time to do so. Long school hours, homework, and an unfortunate injury on my nose bridge made it difficult. 

I have decided to drop the introduction in favour of this tournament report, so... ENJOY! xD

Location: Cardmasters (Dhoby Ghaut)
Number of participants: 30
Deck Used: A.R.A. (Agent Ritual Angel/Agent Herald)

Round 1: Vs. Ting Jun (Darkworld) OO-
Game 1: Turn 1 Herald of Perfection backed up by Royal Decree. I negated some cards to maintain the duel’s slow pace. A Kristya summon and multiple attacks from it ended the duel a few turns later.

Game 2: Can’t really remember, but Card Destruction made an appearance this game. However, Consecrated Light kept me going, and a second one came along after the first one was destroyed. I got lucky.

Round 2: Vs. Wei Ann (Whirlwind Blackwings) OO-
Game 1: He opened with Black Whirlwind and a Shura to search for Kalut, and he ended with an intimidating backrow. I was able to get Herald of Perfection on the field and a face-down Royal Decree ended my turn. He summoned Bora, searched Zephyros, and attacked Herald with Shura + Kalut boost. I ditched a Fairy to negate Kalut, but he wasn’t sure if I could use Herald’s effect in the Damage Step, so he asked the judge anyway. Royal Decree locked down his backrow during the End Phase. The duel dragged on for quite a while, until Hyperion cleared the board.

Game 2: Managed to summon Herald on my first turn. He tried to play Solemn Judgment on Herald of Perfection when it touched the field, and I told him he had to negate the Ritual Spell. Duel dragged on for a bit, and United We Stand on Herald (If I remember correctly) attacked for game after he played the Judgment on Kristya.

Round 3: Vs. Baha (Water-Dino-Rabbit-Exceed) XOO
Game 1: He opened with Rescue Rabbit, which led into a Turn 1 Evolkaiser Ragia. I didn’t have Preparation of Rites and such, so my plays were limited. Scooped a few turns later.

Game 2: Went for the Daigusto Phoenix OTK a few turns into the game. He lived with 1500 life points, and I realised my mistake immediately after that. I forgot to activate United We Stand! Luckily, I was able to survive till my next turn and ended the duel there.

Game 3: Got rid of his Turn 1 Ragia. Had Herald of Perfection on the field later on and I won eventually.

Round 4: Vs. Akira (Offering Gadgets) OXX
Game 1: Rushed with Hyperion + Manju + Herald (with United We Stand equipped).

Game 2: Effect Veiler stopped Manju. Gadgets and black framed cards flooded the field soon after, thanks to Ultimate Offering.

Game 3: This duel went into time. I did make a mistake trying to negate a mid-game Trap Dustshoot, and double Veiler forced me to dump more Fairies. One each of Smashing Ground and Compulsory Evacuation Device got rid of Herald later, and I scooped. I wouldn’t be able to do enough damage to make a comeback.

Round 5: Vs. Poh Seng (Agent Angel) OXO
Game 1: Turn 1 Herald! Gained control of the duel and won shortly after.
Game 2: Opened with a rough hand. Took a few hits from his Honest, and I lost eventually.
Game 3: I opened with Mystery and searched for Venus. He did the same, clashed his Mystery into mine and ended with 3 face-downs. I played Giant Trunade, I summoned Venus and activated her effect. My Orange Light countered his, and a beefed up (United We Stand) Daigusto Phoenix hit twice for game.

Swiss Score: 4-1

Top 8: Vs. Aequus. Shaunewbiez (Machina Gadget) XX-
Game 1: Drew an Agent-based hand and played accordingly. He negated my Trunade with Solemn Judgment. Subsequently, he played Solemn Warning on both my Mystery and Master Hyperion during the same turn. Scooped.
Game 2: Opened with a rough hand. Took a couple of attacks from Hope and Gadgets. Hoping to top-deck Advanced Ritual Art or Dawn of the Herald, as I was holding 2 Herald of Perfection, 2 Mystical Shine Ball and 1 Preparation of Rites. Unfortunately, I top-decked another Preparation of Rites during my “final” turn. =(

5th – 8th placing: Vs. NO ONE!
Rolled dice to determine our prizes. I rolled the highest. I took the Darkworld Structure Deck.  

- ChickenNoodle

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