Friday, July 15, 2011

Ho-o > Mobius

Winged Beast/Spirit
This Card cannot be Special Summoned. During the End Phase of the turn that this card is Normal Summoned or flipped face-up: Return it to its owner's hand. When this card is Normal Summoned or flipped face-up: Destroy all Set Spell/Trap Cards your opponent controls.

No, it isn't a pokemon. lol.

Doesn't take a pro player to point out how awesome this card is.
It's atk and def aren't the best for level 6s, but 2100 is decent and 1800 isn't too shabby either.
The good thing is that it's a spirit, just like Dark Dust Spirit.
Actually, it is EXACTLY like Dark Dust Spirit, just that this destroys backrow, which is what Frog Monarchs need.

Not to mention, this card is far more superior than Mobius. Rather than being a one-off destruction, Ho-O is actually reusable, and together with Battle Fader/Treeborn Frog which are played in Frog Monarchs, it can actually keep on destroying backrows, effectively accumulating advantage over the duel.

This card can even control how heavily your opponent sets his backrow. Normally after Game 1, after you've used Ho-O, your opponent will most probably not set his entire backrow without a Solemn Judgment/Warning/in-hand Effect Veiler, and its times like these when Nobleman of Extermination and Mystical Space Typhoon can shine. You can even side out Ho-O, and leave your opponent setting down backrows 1 by 1, which is really important for a Frog Monarch deck, since Frog Monarchs are really vulnerable to Warnings/Chariots facedown.

Many decks in this current format do set heavy backrows.
Machina Gadgets
Gladiator Beasts
Hero Beat
Stun variants

Just to name a few.
I dare say this card can single-handedly control a game against these decks in a Frog Monarch deck. Once successfully summoned out, there's really not much stopping it. Machina Gadgets can't play Smashing Ground on it(because it leaves the field during you end phase), Hero Beat's only out to it is really Honest/chained Gemini Spark. Also, it's 2100 body easily runs over Hero Beat's monsters, Gadgets, and Gladiator Beasts' Laquari.

Overall, this is really good support for Frog Monarchs, and definitely deserves to see play in Frog Monarchs. Replaces Mobius completely, in my opinion.

its art looks like a stupid gay bird. just saying.


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