Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hi. Bannified here, one of the contributors to this blog.
I normally don't do introductions but here it goes.

I started Yu-Gi-Oh! at around 11 (not competitively), I remember the first deck i got was the Rock Structure Deck, which was pretty awesome to me at that time. When I got to 13, a friend from the same class as me played ygo too, which was surprising, kinda. So we brought our decks to play and I remember I got killed by synchros and shit. He was playing Blackwings (2009). Thats when I knew my deck was noob-ish. But from then on, I looked up some interesting decks on tcgplayer forums, and decided to make a deck called "Cylinder Burn" by Kris6345. It looked interesting and fun and competitive(to me at that point of time), so yeah that was the main appeal to that deck.

I didn't have the cards, and I didn't know where to get them, then, I began to knew more people from my school who also plays ygo, so eventually I was exposed to the competitive scene a little bit because my friend brought me to a card shop and I saw people playing. But yeah, I was still kinda noob-ish at that time, and it stuck there for a while.

I didnt make meta decks, because I was very much restricted to my budget (super low allowance ftw), and the decks at that point of time were very expensive (for me at least). So I looked up and made weird decks like Frog Sparta FTK, but those decks eventually were just proxies and random commons with protectors. Quite sad.

I roamed around tcgplayer for quite sometime, and I was quite stuck onto FTKs for awhile.
During the days when I was at tcgplayer, I made several decks and posted them onto the forums and some of them received massive critiques, comments, praises and hate.

The notable ones are of course :
Dragonic Exodia (March 10')
Cat from Different Dimension (March 10')
Life Equalizer FTK (Sept 10')

I went for a few tourneys with Dragon Exodia and Life Equalizer FTK, but yeah they kinda failed. And it took me a while to get over FTKs and realize that they aren't that good, but just fun to play and piss opponents off.

At the same time, I met ChickenNoodle, also from tcgplayer and also a contributor to this blog, online. We kinda met up at a place and I showed him a place to get cards and showed him where we can fun play and showed him where tourneys usually are. I dare say he was more competitive than me at that point of time, with frog monarchs(which were quite good actually at that time).
We usually play over YVD(no such thing as duelingnetwork last time), and test decks, and he actually showed me how powerful Perfect Herald/Declarer was. So both of us decided to make it, I guess. I played with it for awhile, and didnt like it, so I gave up on it, and sold it, after I was 'inspired' to make Hero Beat, which is still my main deck just because I liked its playstyle and it totally suited me.
From then on, I played Hero Beat and managed to get some success and wins out of it, and I continued on with it and kept on playing around with it.

Just recently, like a few months ago, I got interested in Scraps and got the set, and I'm pretty much liking it.

Thats actually about it.

Current decks :
Hero Beat
Machina Gadget(have but don't use)


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