Sunday, July 10, 2011

New blog!

Okay, Shaunewbiez here. So yep, welcome to the new blog. From now on, all thoughts related to Yu-Gi-Oh, regardless of it's level of stupidity, shall be posted here. Decks, combos, product reviews, tournament reports, and in some rare cases, dueling videos.

Okay.. So to start things off, yeah, latest update would be the reprinting of Pot of Duality in the TCG, making the rich shit bricks, and the poor more religious. Making Pot of Duality super has obviously made it more accessible for those with a lower budget. However, how does this affect the OCG? I came on the forum these past few days and noticed the insane drop of prices for people buying it. As of now, the buying price ranges from $30 to $40, and selling price ranges from $45-$50

Meh. Who cares. Cheap Pots are good Pots. ;)

Oh yeah, there will be more than one author of this blog, team mates/buddies Bannified and ChickenNoodle are authors of the blog as well, though majority of the posts will be by me, so yeah, just giving a heads-up.

So expect a whole lot more once we're able to be more active, in other words, when O levels are over.

Wishing the best to this blog and hope something comes out of this. Ciao!