Tuesday, March 12, 2013

ACS Qualifiers Fall Out + Updates

So.. It's been two days since the ACS qualifiers for Singapore were held. It was a half-assed event for me, considering I went in with two engines for the same deck after only being allowed very minor changes to my decklist, and even lesser after realizing I registered a wrong card. 

So this was the deck I played.

Gonna explain why what nonsense you see is in there in awhile.

First, I wanna congratulate fellow bro Wei Ann (Mamalemon) for getting to top8 with his Ninja Prophecy deck.

No I don't mean "Ninja" in reference to a Hanzo engine inside. Just an inside joke for both him and his opponent not realizing certain card activation requirements. Heh.

Also want to congratulate Kenneth for winning the entire event again from last year. Hopefully the finals for the whole of Asias would be SG vs SG again.

Okay so I'm gonna be real brief.

As you can see in the decklist, you'll see just a lone Rescue Rabbit and two Gene-Warped Warwolves. The original plan was to just go in with Rabbit Firefists as I did not have any Wolfberks then, acquiring them only much closer to the actual event. Once I got my hands on a playset of Wolfberks, I learnt that I could only edit up to 5 cards in the Main, Side and Extra decks collectively. Alongside with the fact I input a Solemn Judgment as Dark Armed Dragon (oops).

Hence, the accidental birth of Rabbit-Wolfberk-Firefists came about.

As for the side, I tried to include the 5-card-spell/trap-removal engine in. But being unable to find any Fusilier's, I resorted to Giant Kozaky's as it was the only other thing that was able to be set while meeting the criteria for EEV. Sadly it's drawback effect cost me a game somewhere in swiss.

The other side cards were pretty self-explanatory.

Overall, it was a really half-assed event for me, having to use two different engines of the same deck and stuff.

But overall quite happy and surprised at the same time that I went 4-2 with such a half-assed deck.

For now, probably gonna tone down the tryhardiness and focus on climbing the ranked ladder in League of Legends.

Off I go then.

Signing off,

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