Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tournament @ AGC 2/2/13

Damn, time flies. This time bringing you yet another tournament report from last Saturday at AGC.

Sorry about the lack of content and such, been too busy with 9 submissions over the course of 3 weeks, taking it's toll on me and stuff. WIll probably update more once I actually have time to myself. Heh.

On to the report!

Deck Used: Mermails

Round 1: Wind-Ups (Paul)
Result: XX-

Round 2: Mermail (Jonas)
Result: OXO

Round 3: Dino Ninja (Chase)
Result: OXO

Round 4: Hero Beat (Da Tou)
Result: OO-

Round 5: Fire King (Ryan)
Result: OXO

Top 8: Arrive Hero (Calvin)
Result: OXX

Bottom 4: Drunk Doppel (Anthony, played by Baha)
Result: OXO

5th/6th: Wind-Ups (Wesley)
Result: Shared.

Ended up taking a Number 106: Rock Palm Hand which I didn't have so it's cool. 5th and 6th was either the Black Jump Fiesta Pack or Number 106, both of which I was fine with but we settled it with the dice roll, simply because I felt if I didn't have the luck to even win a dice roll, I won't have the luck required to pull an Armor Kappa from the pack heh.

Okay so now that the report is over, just gonna write a quick mini-essay on the upcoming banlist.

Personally, I feel that they're gonna hit Wind-Ups similar to Inzektors, with Magician + Shark being similar to Damsel/Dragonfly + Hornet. Both limited.

For Mermails, despite being a player of it, removing the bias I'd have to speculate that Konami have their eyes on Undine being limited and Dragoons being semi-ed.

Fire Fists, similar to Inzektors the format they got released, will remain untouched until the September 2013 banlist.

Verz, Cercyon to 2 and their exclusive lance to 1, either that or Cercyon to 2 and Ophion to 1.

Funny feeling of Agents, or more of TGAA getting their T.G. Striker back to 2, not like it matters much anyway.

Another funny feeling of DDV getting hit to 1, maybe it's just my paranoia of getting hit with one.

Okay, that's all I have to say for now, gotta get back to working on submissions.

Signing off,


  1. Drunk Doppel o.0 what is this? how this works?

  2. junk doppel plated by a drunk person obviously

    my sangan searched for bls, im good