Monday, November 12, 2012

Mini Tournament at Active Game Collections 11/11/12

Sup everybody, gonna make this fast and simple as I've fallen sick over the weekend. Here's the report!

Deck used: YOLO Heroes

Round 1: Dark World (Javier)
Result: OO-

Round 2: Verz Lagia (Ryan)
Result: OXX

Round 3: Wind-Up (XiaoMei)
Result: OXO

Round 4: Laval (WeiAnn)
Result: OO-

Top 6: Mermail (William)
Result: OO-

Top 3: - (Shared with the rest)

Recently been playing all the decks with a linear strategy with minimal off-handed tricks, reason being I'm really too tired to be thinking and I'm not in a very good state of mind to do problem solving. The deck was a fun and funny way of showing what a real "do-or-die" strategy is, hence the name YOLO Heroes.

On a side note, a few things I want to address:
-Cosmos Blazar setlist looks like it has alot of potential stored, might be a pack where commons could be useful in the near future.
-ChickenNoodle and I have yet to go for a TopShop qualifier due to his work and me having bad relationships with Single Eli format tournaments previously.
-Might be slightly less active in terms of joining tournaments in the coming weeks due to voluntary commitments to help out elsewhere.

Other than that, that's probably all.

Signing off, 

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