Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Random Thoughts + Brief Tournament Reports

Hey everyone! ChickenNoodle here. With the new banlist being implemented in Singapore last Friday, we have experienced (in my opinion) a positive change to the game. The fear of losing your hard-earned field to the Inzektor Dragonfly + Hornet combo is greatly reduced, and as a result, many older archetypes such as Agents, X-Sabers and even Junk Doppel were able to make their reapperances over the past few days. Talk about deck diversity!

I was able to attend the tournaments held on Friday and Sunday. Two very brief tournament reports will be included below.


Mini-Tournament @ SG Card Mart (24/8)
Deck Used: Infernity
Number of Participants: Approx. 20+

Round 1: vs. Inzektor OXO

Round 2: vs. Skill Drain Rabbit OO-

Round 3: vs. Darkworld OO-

Round 4: vs. Hero Beat XX-

Top 8: vs. Junk Doppel OXO

Top 4: vs. Hero Beat OXO

Top 2: vs. Darkworld --- *Didn't play it out.


Team Tournament @ SG Card Mart (26/8)
Deck Used: Infernity
Number of Participants: 13 Teams (39 Players)

**Please refer to Sazabi's Blog for my team's overall win-loss record, as I've only included my (horrible) personal score. :)

Round 1: vs. Hero Beat XOO

Round 2: vs. Laval XX-

Round 3: vs. Six Samurai XOX

Round 4: vs. Mermail OXX

Top 8: vs. Mermail XO-

5-8th placing: vs. Six Samurai XOO

5-6th placing: vs. Laval (Lancelot variant w/ Red Nova Dragon) XX-


The drastic difference in win-loss records from the two tournaments reflects upon the consistency of Infernity. Many Void Ogre Dragon openings and a few top-decked Archfiends helped to snowball (or steal) victories on Friday.

However, I was met with awkward hands such as Infernity Necromancer, double ZERO-MAX, double Infernity Beetle and Mystical Space Typhoon on Sunday. Anyone with basic knowledge of the deck would know that those hands are difficult to comeback from. Laval turns out to be quite a bad matchup for Infernity as well. Laval Lakeside Lady is extremely devastating to the backrow, and a follow-up with Laval Cannon leading into a Black Rose Dragon play might prove to be too much to handle especially if Lakeside Lady manages to clear a crucial Trap.

Moving on, I am starting to explore Karakuri again. I've played the deck in pretty much all of the Ranking events I have attended last year, and have found interest in the deck since then. As of now, I believe it's a decent deck to experiment with as Burei fares pretty well against the Venus into Gachi opening, and cards like Night Beam (which wasn't available when I played Karakuri) work pretty well with the deck. There are many build paths for the deck as well, but I find myself most comfortable with the 'standard' variant for now. The Psychic and Geargia variants are looking quite promising though.

Before I forget, shout-outs to Shaunewbiez and Sazabi for "carrying" me on Sunday's team tournament. I honestly believe I do not deserve a prize for performing so badly. :(

That's all for today.

~ ChickenNoodle

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