Monday, December 26, 2011

Tourney Report @ J-Cube 25/12/11

Hey all! I'd like to wish everyone an overdue Merry Christmas. Today, we went for the Lavalval Chain tournament, as in, all 3 of us. I'll explain what happened in detail later.

Deck I used: Inzecter Agent Angels

Round 1: David
Deck Used: Infernity.
Results: OXO

Game 1: If I remembered correctly, opened decent and ended with a Revise/Leviathan Dragon, Gantetsu and Hornet in grave all from a Venus, 1.5k worth of Life Points and an Insect Imitation. Beat down all the way.

Game 2: Very bad hand, he did stunts all over me, no kidding.

Game 3: Similar to Game 1, had a nice hand opening, massive Inzecter stunts.

Round 2: Johann/Jimmy
Deck Used: Junk Doppel
Results: OXO

Game 1: Inzecter engine put together with turn 1 Gantetsu really helps ALOT in stabilizing and maintaining field control. He tried some stunts but had Herald of Orange Light alongside with Warning to cover me for awhile before unloading Damsel and Hornet stunts on him. Pushed for game.

Game 2: Now it was his turn, he beat me down with Card Trooper for a turn or two, eventually unleashing all his synchros on me.

Game 3: Inzecter Engine cleared his field before he had established a stable set-up for self-touching. Won through massive nuking each round.

Round 3: Hong Rui
Deck Used: Hero Beat
Results: OO-

Game 1: Nightmare hand, first bad hand I had with this deck, something along the lines of two Mystical Shine Balls, two Master Hyperions and Foolish Burial or something useless. Down to below 3000 Life Points before I manage to draw into some minimal standard combo pieces, recovered enough to bring him into a top-deck war. Won by using Black Luster Soldier on him.

Game 2: He made a mistake, after Solemn Judgments from both sides, hits here and there, we were both left with 1450-200 Life Points. I had Gorz, he made a Great Tornado, halving my Gorz down to 1350 ATK points. If he used his Great Tornado to attack my Gorz, I would have died already and proceeded to next game, but he summoned Kycoo and attacked my Gorz, he was too focused on my graveyard IMO. Won by using Black Luster Soldier I kept in my hand for some time.

Round 4: Jeremy Aw
Deck Used: Gravekeepers
Results: OXO

Game 1: He had no monsters, setting plenty of "targets" for my Damsel and Hornet to shoot freely. I won after small pushes here and there.

Game 2: He sided Skill Drain when I had a hand of Inzecters. After failing to start the engine running, I fell flat on my face with his Descendant taking out 2000 of Life each turn.

Game 3: Very passive for the first few turns. He eventually cleared my field and took 4000 of my Life with Sin Cyber End Dragon and set 1 to end his turn. I summoned Damsel and equipped it with a Hornet in my hand, destroyed his Necrovalley along with his Sin Cyber End Dragon, special summoned Centipede, equipped Hornet, did the standard of destroying the backrow, added another Damsel to my hand just in case something goes wrong some where. Exceeded into Acid Golem and attacked for game.

Round 5: Jun Jie
Deck Used: Rai-Oh Agent Angels
Results: OXX

Game 1: I did the usual Revise, Gantetsu and Hornet in grave thanks to an opening of Venus and an Insect Imitation at the cost of 1.5k Life. Beatdown from there as he had low monsters.

Game 2: He used Chain Disappearance on my Mystical Shine Ball in between my stunts from Game 1. I thought both players, laughed our asses off, but he still won thanks to his constant flow of monsters and me having nothing but Damsels in hand.

Game 3: Similar to Game 2, bad hand, I even had to resort to using Foolish Burial to dump an agent for Master Hyperion in hand to be able to be summoned. We basically kept using Hyperions on each other, even to the extent of using Monster Reborn on mine. Died after awhile.

Okay, now for the big question. It was a 5 round swiss, I had 4 wins, right? But no, I did NOT get to the top 8, because David (round 1) reported my win as HIS win. Epic? Best part was, I found out in between round 2, obviously too late for Rick, the organiser, to reverse anything. So it was up to me to win the following 4 rounds (round 2-5) to reach top 8. Almost had it, until I died at Round 5. Ended up 15th and got a Twin-Pack, which obviously gave me jank. Also, even though I was fine with letting him have the win, he did not even make it to the top 8 as well. Which angers me as if it was me, I would probably have made it.

Moral of the story: ALWAYS report the score if you're the winner. Trust no one, except your closes friends. And ALWAYS beware of people who resort to such things in order to get a "free win".

Surprisingly, I'm not angry at anyone, only myself, for being too arrogant to check the results and pairings. I paid a huge cost in the form of a chance at a Lavalval Chain for a life lesson. Ah well. Tomorrow's boxing day tournament, guess I'll take my frustrations out there.

Signing off,


  1. just to note he din side skill drain we mained it haha

  2. what a bummer. i dont think he would dare look you in the face from now on.

  3. Pohseng: Nonetheless, it was ANNOYING as hell.

    Mike: It's okay, I don't blame anyone lol.

  4. now the "dun be like *someone*" becomes a whole new level