Monday, December 5, 2011

Tournament Report 4/12/11

Hey all! So I headed over to Ah Kit's new shop over at Clementi yesterday at Sunset Way. Have to say, it's pretty big and spacious, not to mention it was cozy.

Okay so onwards with the tourney report!

Deck Used: Hero Beat (Credits to Jeff for his build)

Round 1: Vishal
Deck Used: Quickdraw
Reults: XOO

Game 1: Was a stalemate until late game, whereby he pulled off a Catastor and left me with a Spark in hand as well as prayers of a top decked Alius. I have never been so unhappy top decking a Miracle Fusion.

Game 2: Raioh stopped his searching for awhile. He got through the Raioh, so I continued with the usual Stratos. After my Alius got warning-ed, I miracled. Then punched from there.

Game 3: Forgot, all I remember was that we went into time out, and I top decked a Miracle Fusion.

Round 2: Stark
Deck Used: Junk Doppel
Results: XOX

Game 1: I had a very bad hand, seriously. Completely no monsters. So just kept taking damage till I died as drawing into a monster was abit too late.

Game 2: Had some hope, opened with triple Raiohs. But the other two were E - Emergency Call and Reinforcement of the Army, so I was facepalming myself. But managed to stop his searching long enough to reduce his life to 0.

Game 3: We went into a top decking war, then timeout, then got my ass kicked with Trishula.

Round 3: Poh Choon
Deck Used: Inzecters
Results: XOO

Game 1: Inzecters standard stunt which grants them a +4 if it goes through, went through. I lost after awhile.

Game 2: Had alot of veilers and sparks to ensure no equipping goes through. Beatdown with 1900 beatsticks as well as Raioh preventing his Sangan from searching.

Game 3: Stalemate until he made a very big mistake, he had Centipede and Damsel, equipped Hornet and Gigamantis, he used Hornet to nuke my field instead of his own Gigamantis, left me with 600 and he at 400, I top decked Miracle fusion along with the one in hand, also had Raioh.

Top 8: Akira
Deck Used: Offering Gadgets
Results: XOX

Game 1: He managed to overcome my Raiohs due to my aggressiveness of swinging into Dimensional Prisons. He just managed to beat my through massive farming and beating me with little Gadgets.

Game 2: Raioh finally stopped him, I Gemini Sparked away his first Hope as well as Bottomless Trap Hole his second Hope. Eventually won with Alius beating.

Game 3: 3 Hopes, a Shock Ruler and me without Gorz by turn 2. Enough said. :/

Bottom 4: Stark
Deck Used: Junk Doppel
Results: XOX

Game 1: Can't remember. Something about being able to do his stunts successfully without any interference.

Game 2: My Raiohs managed to stop his searching early game. As it went into late game, Miracle helped me bring out beaters, I assumed he had a bad hand as no Mirror Force was used in that game.

Game 3: I put up a very weak interference with the lack of Gemini Sparks and Hero Blast. Led to a Trishula beatdown.

Bottom 2: John
Deck Used: Infernity
Results: XOX

Game 1: Infernity stunts with Lavalval Chain, ended me with some simple stunts and I had no Gorz.

Game 2: Used Raioh to prevent summons as well as Archfiend searching. Later on Super Poly-ed into Escuridao in between his stunts and interrupted most of his plays successfully.

Game 3: Made a big mistake. I did not spark his Beetle when he was dying and this left me with another wall to push over. He went to stunt again, I tried to salvage the situation by bringing out a Shining with Miracle Fusion, sadly it wasn't good enough, got Trishula-ed eventually and died from the 2700 poking away at me.

Position: 8th
Prize took: Gagaga Girl.


All in all, I guess it was my constant mistakes which led to the downfall of the deck. But other than that, it was built very nicely by Jeff, and have to give full credit to him for the decklist. But sadly, it's my first time topping ever since the Banlist. Hopefully this will be the start of something. We'll see on Saturday.

Signing off,

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