Sunday, December 11, 2011

11/12/2011 Clementi Tournament report

Turnout : 22

Deck used : Hero Beat
Yes, I am back to playing Hero Beat.
Didn't really play it until now, because I honestly don't feel confident with it.

Match 1 : Zhi (Gladiator Beasts) XOO
Game 1: I started first. Quite back and forth until he dropped Gyzarus on me and then Heraklinos. No outs. Died to Virus Mail.
Game 2 : Warning and stuff kept flying all over. Trap Stun didn't stop me much now either.
Game 3 : Used honest to get through a set Hoplomus. Then I slowly gained advantage by killing his monsters after bringing out Shining. Super Poly did the job of clearing his Equeste too.

Match 2 : Yew Loong (Hero Beat) XOO
I was paired down.
Game 1 : Raioh stopped my pot, and when I managed to kill it, he got more Heroes. My Heavy storm got destroyed by Starlight Road. Couldn't handle from there.
Game 2 : Xing Zhun Hu locked my two cards. But it really didn't matter, since I used Heavy Storm a while later, followed by Shining. Super Poly also got me a Shining. Another Super Poly brought me some other thing which I can't remember. Beat down from there and won.
Game 3 : Almost the same as Game 2, except that I sparked away his Xing Zhen Hu.
Really, who draws Super Poly = win.

Match 3 : Sam (Wind-Up Inzecters) XX
Game 1 : I started the game with 3 hand because of the hunter + rat loop. Scooped at turn 3.
Game 2 : I opened decent but he used the inzecter stunts to kill me. He had DAD, too. So my deck wasn't really able to handle.

Match 4 : Clarence (Karakuri) XOO

Game 1 : Watchdog stayed there for so damn long. It gave him the attack needed for his karakuris to go over my Rai-oh, and after a while he managed to pull off instant fusion and brought out 2 Bureido and 1 Natural Beast.
Game 2 : Super Poly too strong. But it wasn't an easy match, though. Still, I somehow managed to get advantage and win.
Game 3 : Crashed Stratos into a set Snowman Eater. After awhile he made Bureido which I used Warning on, then he made an Acid Golem to get through my Heroes. I think after getting hit twice by Acid Golem I used compulsory/prison on it, then I just summoned raioh + alius, together with Super Poly to get rid of his Snowman, and then he had very little cards left. Beatdown from there.

3-1 score got me 8th place. Still, TOP 8!

Top 8 : Johann (TG Agents) OXX
Game 1 : He got hand of 3 balls. I had hand of awesome Raioh + starlight road + many many traps. It's hard to lose with that kind of hand.
Game 2 : Can't really remember, but Decree locked me down quite abit. Couldn't do much, then died.
Game 3 : Took Miracle instead of Veiler, and died to Phoenix and Hyperion.

But, shared prize. Johann went ahead and got a Gold Trishula after beating Sam's Wind up Inzecter.

I got a Shock Ruler, which is good, since I might need it in the future (maybe for gadgets, i guess.)
ChickenNoodle topped too, with KARAKURIs.
So I guess Hero Beat is still pretty good. I dunno why, but I just don't like it alot this format...

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