Monday, November 21, 2011


Hey all! Shaunewbiez here.

Yep, I apologize for not blogging the past few weeks, to sum it all up, the past week since the last paper on November 14th has been packed with action. Everyday we're going out and stuff, so yeah, didn't have much time to blog. Here's a quick summary for some events that happened since my last post.

Asia Plus Team Tournament 2011, 13th November:

Basically, we received the infamous "9th place" in our pairings. We were going great, with a team swiss score of 3-1. Sadly, we got paired down twice. Nope, you're not seeing things, we indeed got paired down twice. We lost the first time we were paired down, and that caused us a very bad overall score. So yes, we obviously did not enter the top 8 and like other teams with 3 wins, were very annoyed especially since we were so close. Nonetheless we did relatively fair as we did not make any major mistakes which caused us our game. (Heh heh.) Conspiracy? Nah, I think it's just our luck that day. :/

Tournament on 19th November:

I scrubbed badly, think it's a sign to retire my Machina Gadgets for the moment, either that, or they need a severe revamp, and I don't mean replacing 3-4 cards with more "meta-suited" cards and praying for the best. Nonono, I mean literally taking the deck apart, and going through every possible detail and finding a way around it. I had a miserable score of 2-3, and obviously did not make it. However, kudos to ChickenNoodle for walking out of that tournament 1st place with a Lavalval Chain in his deckbox. Also, honorable mention goes to Bannified for getting 3wins with his seriously troll deck. It gained plenty of attention that day and performance-wise, did not give any less of a show than it should have. Epic winning right there. In the end, only won some TCG Shien sleeves in the lucky draw, better than nothing. :P

Pack wars:

So lately I've been getting into the craziness of pack wars, something I would never have done a few months back, but yes, it is sort of rewarding, IF lady luck is sitting on your shoulder and does not decide to shit all over you.

First pack war - Paid $10, walked away with nothing. And I do mean literally nothing, lost a Zenmighty along with the rest of my commons.

Second pack war - Paid $15, walked away with a 3D Black Mist, an Ultra Rare Inzecter Beetle and 2 Royal Prisons (The key card to winning!). Along with lots and I do mean LOTS of extra commons.

So how do these pack wars work? Basically, it's $2.50 a round, everyone opens a pack and takes out the last card, the rare. The one with the highest pack serial number (Royal prison is the highest rare of the pack with ORCS-JP079) wins everyone else's pack. So yeah, in the second pack war, lady luck was sitting on my head as the first two packs I opened had Royal Prison behind. Hence explaining the 2 Royal Prisons. :D

I'm starting to actually like pack wars, since it's better than opening packs and getting no foils. Such as spending $12 yesterday and getting nothing but a super Twin Photon Lizard (hooray.) :/

Ranking Tournament @ Dhoby Ghaut 20th November:

Came in 3rd/4th place using Dark World, second ranking tournament and I do hope that I get some decent score. :/

Ah, that seems to be about it. Off I go to stone, post-O level life is great and although only a week has passed, it seems like a month or something.

Signing off,


  1. "we were the only team with 3 wins who did not make it."

    Is that a lie to yourself? My team also 3 wins and didnt make it to top.

    The team we lost 2 only had 2 wins, the teams we won dropped after the game and the 4th team we fought is just a bunch of weirdos.

  2. Oh serious? LOL I never got around to asking teams. Imma edit it then. And I think teams we won also dropped, ah well.

  3. i would like to know what troll deck was that

  4. This person addicted to pack war liao!

    See, yugioh suddenly fun again.

    Go post on forum leh. lol

  5. Vishal: Come this sat and you might witness it ;)