Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ChickenNoodle's Tournament Report (19/11/2011)

Location: J-CUBE @ Dhoby Ghaut
Format: 5-Round Swiss + Single Elimination for Top 8
Number of Participants: 32

Deck Used: A.R.A. (As Always <3)

Round 1: Vs. Rong Jie (Rabbit Gladiator Beasts) OO-
Game 1: I felt rather worried about this matchup, as Chariot on Herald usually means game. I managed to pull off a narrow victory despite losing Herald to Dark Hole due to a lack of in-hand Fairies.

Game 2: I opened with an Agent-based hand and played accordingly. Royal Decree locked down his Traps, allowing me to press for damage. I won eventually as he was unable to maintain a Monster on the field.

Round 2: Vs. Stark (T.G. Junk Doppel) OO-
Game 1: Won with the usual Herald + Hyperion.

Game 2: He opened with Charge of the Light Brigade, searching for Ryko, milling T.G. Striker and two other cards. I Summoned Manju and searched Advanced Ritual Art. I lost Manju to Ryko's effect. During the Main Phase 2, I activated ARA, dumping 3 Mystical Shine Balls to Summon Herald, followed by Kristya. Multiple attacks from Kristya won the duel.

Round 3: Vs. Daniel Ang (Spy Junk Doppel) XX-
Game 1: I opened with a relatively weak hand. I watched helplessly as he started performing the classic Junk Doppel stunts...

Game 2: Pretty much the same as Game 1. I attempted a Venus into Gachi Gachi Gantetsu play, but an Effect Veiler interrupted it. The match ended fast as I had no response to his Junk Doppel stunts.

Round 4: Vs. Sherwyn (Junk Doppel) OO-
Game 1: Don't remember much, but a Herald + Kristya combo won it.

Game 2: He opened with a weak hand. I was able to capitalize on that and took control of the duel with Herald. Won with the usual Herald + Hyperion.

Round 5: Vs Kenneth (Infernity) OXX
Game 1: Orange Light interrupted his insane opening of Summoner Monk into Archfiend. Won eventually as he was out of decent plays. 

Game 2: Infernity shenanigans killed me.

Game 3: This duel went into time. He had a Lavalval Chain in ATK and an Necromancer in DEF. I Summoned Venus, spawning 3 Shine Balls. I Summoned Daigusto Phoenix using two Shine Balls, and Special Summoned Master Hyperion by removing an in-grave Agent. I nuked Necromancer, and attacked over Lavalval Chain using Hyperion before hitting directly with Venus and Daigusto Phoenix (twice), bringing the life points to 6500 - 2500. He fired back with Infernity combos thanks to a top-decked Archfiend (via Lavalval Chain), and we both ended up with 2500 life points. I top-decked a Sonic Bird and brought out Herald, but I lost due to time as Sonic Bird got ran over by a random Synchro during the last Battle Phase.

Swiss Score: 3-2 (Sneaked into the Top 8 with 8th Place!)

Top 8: Vs. Yew Loong (Skill Drain Gravekeepers) OXO
Game 1: Malefic Cyber End killed my Herald. =.= A crucial Kristya play kept me in the duel. I was able to overcome the Malefic Cyber End thanks to Honest, and I won eventually as he had no answer to Kristya thanks to Royal Decree.

Game 2: Lava Golem got rid of my Sonic Bird + Herald. Malefic Cyber End rubbed salt into my wounds. I did not stand a chance. =(

Game 3: Herald's effect prevented Necrovalley and the impending Malefic Cyber End from ruining my day. The classic Herald + Hyperion won the match.

Top 4: Vs. Poh Seng (Gravekeepers) XOO
Game 1: Royal Tribute FTK.

Game 2: I tried to push for game, but Torrential Tribute + double Effect Veiler brought my hand size to zero. I lost Herald on the subsequent turn. A lucky Heavy Storm cleared Necrovalley along with Malefic Cyber End and two Traps. Managed to regain advantage with Mystery. A Hyperion top-deck cleared a defenseless Spy, and I hit directly for game.

Game 3: I opened with an all-Monster hand. Luckily for me, I did not die to the Royal Tribute FTK again. He used Solemn Warning on my Manju, but I had two more to follow up. Herald was Summoned, Mirror Force killed a 3000ATK Revise Dragon (I chose not to negate), and I won eventually.

Top 2: Vs. Daniel Ang AGAIN! (Spy Junk Doppel) OXO
Game 1: The Agent engine proved its worth in this duel. Orange Light negated Effect Veiler, ensuring that my Trishula play went through. He fired back with his own Trishula, and I lost one of my two in-hand Hyperions. My second Hyperion managed to slow down the pace of the duel, but I lost it eventually. An epic Kristya top-deck (with 4 Fairies in-grave) won the duel. The Kristya play was particularly funny as he joked about me top-decking it, and it happened.

Game 2: I can't remember what happened, as it literally went by in a blur. Power card, power card, stunts, stunts, more stunts... You get the idea. =(

Game 3: Turn 1 Herald! I Summoned Brionac using Manju + Mystery on my second turn. I kept attacking his face-down Monsters, but I held back on direct attacks as I did not want to be forced to negate Gorz/Tragoedia as I had only two Fairies in-hand. Pot of Duality gave me Vanity's Emptiness, and I created a "Perfect Lock" with it. He revealed his in-hand BLS, Tragoedia, Monster Reborn and other power cards before offering the handshake after I attacked for game.

Result: 1st place! I am very pleased with my (deck's) performance. My goal was to enter the Top 4, and I was able to meet that goal as well as to win the Lavalval Chain. Awesome! :D

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