Thursday, September 1, 2011

A whole new format, revival of an old era.

Hey everyone! Shaunewbiez here. I'd like to apologize for the lack of posts, and just to let you know that we definitely have not quit or thought of quitting at all. Just really busy with prelims and all.

First off, I'd like to address the current situation of TG Agent Angels, which has been dominating the meta ever since this format, which officially begins today. It has been really annoying, and is currently the new tier 0 deck, having people telling me it's so autopilot to the point it isn't funny.

Anyway, I officially made it to the SG Showdown happening on the 10th and 11th of September at Bishan from getting 3rd/4th at a qualifier on 28th August.

Anyway, thoughts on the new banlist?

I'm happy Heavy Storm is back, as players who are so used to summoning a monster, set 5 and ending their turn with no fear are going to suffer, and I mean badly. Trunade being gone as well is good IMO, as you won't just get back your previously set fakes along with clearing your opponents field of threats, therefore forcing you to set cards conservatively.

Having 3 MSTs is good IMO as well, as people won't be maining 3 Starlight Roads just because of Heavy Storm, making deck-building this format more challenging, which I love.

And saving the best for last, Black Luster Soldier. Contrary to popular belief, I am actually excited and glad this card came back after 6 whole years since the Chaos Era. Old players will now have familiar memories and playstyles, while newer players will have a taste of what Yu-Gi-Oh is all about - control, trolling and to some extent, WTF moments, instead of swarming for an OTK. In addition to that, it actually makes the game furthermore challenging and I approve of that.

As for the rest of the banlist, nothing else was too shocking or worth mentioning as we all saw them coming, such as limiting the old man Shien, the infamous Formula Synchron and Hyper Librarian Pot of Greed tag team combo, and Pot of Greed-like Pot of Avarice.

However, I am quite pissed off at the fact that Konami decided to give Lightlords/Lightsworns a boost, for everyone knows that it is one of the most luck-based decks, having a near-perfect mill being able to turn the tables around. Having Judgment at 3 alongside with Black Luster Soldier is a no-no somebody in Konami forgot to overlook. Icarus at 3 makes Whirlwind Blackfeathers/Blackwings more playable, as well as having Mind Crush at 2, makes it worth both maining and siding.

So in conclusion, top tier decks of the format we have to expect as of now?

Tier 0 - Tech Genus Agent Angels
Tier 1 - Lightlords
Tier 1.5 - Frognarchs
Tier 2 - Blackfeathers, Gadget variants, Hero Beat
Tier 2.5 - Dark World
Tier 3 and below - Junkdo, Six Samurais, GBs.

Oh and P.S, I conned my Pot of Duality the other day from intense shuffling, anyone knows how to get rid of crease marks from the back of the card only? Please leave a comment or so. Thanks x(

Signing off,


  1. lol how can u say black feather is tier 2 lmao
    its atleast tier 0.5 now imo

  2. I think BF is at least tier 1.5 .
    different people have different opinions.
    I myself think that 3 MST and 1 Heavy storm is bad for the deck, cuz it limits the variety of decks that can be good. It gives OTK decks too much space.
    If they wanted to unlimit MST, at least unlimit Book of Moon, that would be alot better.

    Junk-Do is DEFINITELY not dead, and does not deserve to be Tier 3.
    I do believe it is at least Tier 2, as it still does what it does. Debris Dragon got limited, but its JUNK-do, not DEBRIS-do, so its fine.

  3. The people who diss the new ban list are stupid. I think your Tier list is a bit off, but the discussion part was well done.

  4. To everyone regarding the Tier placings. It was just my opinion as of now. The banlist just took effect and has plenty of room for new innovations and ideas to kick those decks back up the tier ladder.

    I'm just placing them in their respectful tiers on one criteria - the backrow reliance.

    As you can see, Frognarchs and Lightlords are in Tier 1/1.5, these Tiers implies that they use little to no backrow as support as they're quite independant themselves. Tier 0 is the same as Tier 1/1.5, just broken.

    Tier 2/2.5 are decks who relied on backrow the last format, having BFs rely on Whirlwind, Icarus, Delta Crow, 7 Tools and maybe even Lance. Gadgets, Oppresion which got banned, and 1for1 traps such as warning, d. prison and BTH. Heroes relied on Spark and Blast, which helped them generate advantage. Dark World required their field spell.

    As for Junkdo, it was just an estimation since a few of their key cards got hit, so they're in that tier until someone makes it powerful again.

    For the Tier list, this is only temporary as it may change overtime and the ever-changing meta, along with innovative minds which makes decks playable every banlist, so I'll update the Tier lists soon.

    To Saikon, I'm sure everyone has their own opinions on the new banlist, some raging on and some happy about it, and they have every right to do so. You have your opinions and so do others, least you could do is respect them. :) I appreciate the compliment on my discussions, and hope to deliver more in upcoming posts.

    Good day!

  5. People who love the new banlist has either 10 BLS with them, or they have a playset of Lyla and JD.
    Either that or they just don't play control decks and do not know how to play around heavy backrow and as a result need Heavy Storm + 3 MST.
    Heavy Storm + 3 MST is the biggest eyesore on the list, even bigger than BLS. 3 MST is just stupid with Heavy Storm around.