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bannified - 6/8/11 Dhoby Ghaut Tourney Report

6/8/11 Dhoby Ghaut J Cube Tourney Report

Deck used : Hero Beat

Round 1 : Junjie(machina gadget) XOX

Game 1 : outadvantaged. Cant really remeber what happened but he managed to beat down
Game 2 : Gemini spark around plus hero blast. On the last turn, killed fortress with spark then he another gadget popped out and i summoned cyber dragon ftw.
Game 3 : spirit reaper won him the game. It stalled for a long time, and by the time I got snowman, he already had grandmole as an answer. So i died.

Round 2 : Jess (D.D Tengu Beat) OO

Game 1 : I start first. He opened d fissure next and got survivor off of duality. I bottomless-ed it so it couldnt be special summoned back. I had breaker but didnt bother to destroy his dimensional fissure, as i guessed that he had another one in his hand. So i just played along with useless miracles and hero blasts. In the end i still won as my oppression stopped his survivor and honest went for game.
Game 2 : sided out all my grave related stuff. Greenkappa came out and he had 2 set cards. I flipped greenkappa and he chained book when i had 3 facedowns ( 2 warnings included). I used warnings and bottomless to stop his monsters from attacking into my green kappa. I drew torrential and got it off my field. His survivors didnt survive for more than 1 turn. Cyber valley did alot though, but it didn't stop my beaters from beating him down much.

Round 3 : Sazabi/BiXuan (Six Sam) XOO

Game 1 : Gateway + United. He got Inverz Roach, Naturia Barkion, Shi En, and Grandmaster.
I managed to break his field down with Grandmole hitting into Shi En, following with a Dark Hole.
But i still lost after he got out more stuffs with Gateway.
Game 2 : He made a mistake by chaining chalice to breaker's effect, so that i could attack into his Kizan. He had a bad hand I guess. So in the end I won by beating down with my monsters
Game 3 : He had an okay hand too, and my sided veilers didnt work cuz his kagemushas didnt come out. He had 3 kizans though, but i managed to clear them. He couldnt rota for kizan after that so he searched kageki to synchro for shien, but it didnt really matter since i had super poly to get rid of anything. Won next turn with miracle .

Round 4 : Akira (Machina Gadget) XX

Game 1 : I warning-ed a gadget but he had another one. I got out-advantaged both in terms of life and cards, and i had to use prison on his gadgets.
Game 2 : He smashed my alius, and after that i used reborn on alius after getting hit by gearframe. He responded with bottomless and I used seven tools, and he solemned. After that he summoned another gearframe and special-ed machina fortress and attacked with everything and i died.

Round 5 : Johann (Six Sam) XX

*refer to his blog*
Actually, I kinda forgot what happened.

So, scrubbed. There seems to be a big problem with my main deck. Just a few cards I guess. Or maybe I should use other decks...

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