Sunday, October 21, 2012

Asia Plus 2012 Main Event

Sup guys, after insta-dropping at 2 qualifiers before, our team managed to claim 3rd place this year which probably surprised me as it did to many of our haters out there.

I'd like to start this post off with congratulating Team KOI, our fellow friends Johann, Bixuan and William who were the underdogs in the finals for winning by a very slim margin and not to leave out their opponents as well, grats to both teams and everyone in them.

I'd also like to thank our judge team, Jeryl, Akira, Mango, Clarence and DS for putting up with my "Zippy-Level" questions over such minor rulings and taking the time to confirm as well as double-checking to make sure fairness was ensued throughout all matches.

Lastly, before I go on to do a quick summary of our matchups and results, credits definitely go towards my teammates today ChickenNoodle and Wei Ann also known around as MamaLemon for taking over bannified this year, as we had very impromptu not to mention heated deck discussions over a short period of time, definitely proved that Wei Ann has Aequus aura or something that clicks with us. We honestly went in today with a state of mind that we'd just play our best and see where it'll take us, little did we expect to climb so far up, so for us to even get 3rd is really a blessing for us.

Although bannified was unable to join or come down to support us, he has helped us tremendously in preparation as well as lending us cards, so our glory is definitely shared by him as well.

P.S I'd like to thank my MVP card of the day EEV as well, that card at some point today made me think that it should be limited over Heavy Storm lolololol.

Okay, so on to the report!

Team Leader: Me (shaunewbiez), Dark World
Team Member A: WeiAnn (MamaLemon), Twilight Hero
Team Member B: ChickenNoodle, ARA

Round1: Win
Team Leader: High-Attack Beat OO-
Team Member A: Cosmos-Necrovalley Anti-Meta Beat OO-
Team Member B: Offering Gadgets OXX

Round2: Win
Team Leader: Debris Inzektor OO-
Team Member A: Hero Beat OXO
Team Member B: Lightlord OXX

Round3: Win
Team Leader: Dragon Exodia FTK OO-
Team Member A: Inzektor OX-(discontinued)
Team Member B: Agent Angel OXO

Round4: Win
Team Leader: Dark World OO-
Team Member A: Mermail XO-(discontinued)
Team Member B: Ninja Rabbit Ragia OO-

Lunch Break: WIN
Team Leader: 2 Plain Prata OO-
Team Member A: Mutton Briyani OO-
Team Member B: 2 Cheese Prata OO-

Swiss Top8: Win
Team Leader: Mermail OXX
Team Member A: Chaos Dragon XOO
Team Member B: Dark World XOO

Seeded Top8: Win
Team Leader: Mermail OXO
Team Member A: Dark World XX-
Team Member B: Cosmos Rabbit OXO

Top 4: Lose
Team Leader: Hanzo Mermail XX-
Team Member A: Hero Beat OXO
Team Member B: Lightlord XOX

3rd/4th: Win (same opponents from round 3)
Team Leader: Dragon Exodia FTK OXO
Team Member A: Inzektor OX-(Discontinued)
Team Member B: Agent Angel OXO

And yes, we're proud of us and how far we made it despite minimal preparation and low morale. So thank you to the people, if any, who supported us from round 1 and stuff.

Oh, on another note, karma is a beautiful thing.

"We are a beacon in the dark, the lighthouse risen from the heart, we've been here from the start, we are the ones still swinging."

Signing off,

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