Sunday, August 14, 2011

Full House in Crystal beast

Hey guys! So I recently have been scouting Yugioh Wikia and came across this:

Yes, it's a TCG exclusive, and may seem insignificant due to the fact that finding such requirements may turn people off this card at a glance. However, having play since 2006, and playing almost all decks, both casual and competitive, I remembered of a archetype that claims this card as their own "Delta Crow". Combined with the indestructible field spell

Yes. I'm talking about Crystal Beasts! Targeting the field spell, and another "Crystallized Beast", we get an instant 2-for-3. Having Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus giving us a +1 free "Crystal", this card makes it instantly a 1-for-3. Delta Crow has a new friend in town.

That brings me to my next recent thought. I recently had this idea of using the swarming power of the Crystal Beasts, with the newly introduced exceeds. Combining the past with the present, I have came up with the idea of Crystal Exceeds.

Although I won't be posting my build or decklist here. I would like to highlight some combos.

Pegasus + Crystal Promise = Rank 4 exceed.
Summoner Monk = Rank 4 exceed.
Summoner Monk + Crystal Promise = Disigma
Abundance = 2 Rank 4 exceeds + one monster.

That's about it. More news about this deck when I win.

Signing off,


  1. Hi,

    acctually I'm testing the same thing in dueling network and it works pretty well. Maybe we can share some ideas for a perfect built.

    Nice blog btw.

  2. Hi there!

    It's great that I'm not the only one who can think of such crazy ideas. Although it may be hard to communicate to form a build as I'm quite busy, comments on how to improve/add on to the core Crystal Beast build would be great. :)


  3. I made a post about a crystal beast deck. Go check it if you want, I will be happy to hear your opinion (sorry if my english is not perfect).