Thursday, July 28, 2011

Miracle Synchro Fusion in Doppel Dandy?

Synchro Fusions doesn't have much support, but it's enough.

Why aren't people maining Miracle Synchro Fusions in their Doppel Dandy decks?
It's nothing short of BROKEN, especially when used in quickdraw variants.

Junk synchron, DoppelWARRIOR, they're all WARRIORS.

Then there's Shooting Quasar Dragon, Stardust, Black Rose Dragon, even Iron Chain Dragon. They're all DRAGON SYNCHRO monsters.

Warrior + Dragon Synchro = 3200 Beater whose 2nd effect isn't really relevant.
If you have a Quasar in your grave (if it even gets there in the first place lol), then you can copy its effect for some major punch in the nuts.

First play I can think of at the top of my head is :
Debris + lvl 3 = Black rose = Blow Field
then follow up with Miracle Synchro Fusion, since you already got a Dragon Synchro into grave, which is to me the hardest part of fulfilling Miracle Synchro Fusion.

The above play will lead you to having a troublesome 3200 Beater which is really hard to beat, and can potentially lead you to getting the game, especially against meta beat decks which has no IMMEDIATE response outside of Dark Hole.

It's not just Dragon Knight that can see play in Doppel/Debris Dandy decks, but also this card that was ONCE hyped a little.

Yes, Supreme Arcanite Magician. To be honest, I've never really seen this card on anyone's field after its release.
But in Doppel Dandy decks, this can be special summoned fairly easily.

Requirements are :
1 Spellcaster Synchro + 1 Spellcaster Monster.

Well, first Spellcaster Synchro that comes to your mind is definitely T.G. Hyper Librarian.
Just in case your Librarian got Warning-ed, it can become food for Miracle Synchro Fusion for this real amazing card.

As for Spellcasters, doppel dandy runs a few
Effect Veiler, Chaos sorcerer and even Lyla (for some)

Supreme Arcanite is really quite a versatile card. With a big defense and a even higher attack for 3400 (with 2 tokens), it can easily take a game by itself. Plus, it gives you the option of getting a free draw, or even blow things up.
If you get this guy on the field for at least 2 turns, it's pretty much a Pot of Greed, with a big fat ass!

I would really love Miracle Synchro Fusion to see play in Doppel based decks. In theory it can work out pretty well, with so much synergy all around.
Even at its worse, you can bait a MST for a +1. WHICH IS ACTUALLY PRETTY GOOD. since doppel decks have nothing much to set.
I might try it out one day on DuelingNetwork or something.

But.. why didn't i realize this earlier...

bannified /-


  1. Because normal people want to use Avarice.

  2. @vampirerion
    Sorry didn't realize. Always thought it was.

    Thats true... But Miracle Synchro Fusion could be an alternative for Doppel synchro decks. Running a random copy could work I guess.

    but then why do normal people run Chaos Sorcerer as well? When they want to use Avarice also? It's kinda the same rationale for Miracle Synchro Fusion, where you remove 2 monsters in grave for a useful one.

  3. @Baha

    It is true that Avarice recycles and gives a +1 as well. But I feel that Miracle Synchro Fusion has a purpose throughout the whole game. Early game, it makes a great decoy set card, having your opponent -1 should he MST it. Towards mid game, it still has potential as a decoy as well as giving potential for a fast beatstick and/or wasting their warnings. As late game approches, the Black Rose into Dragon Knight Equiste works as a great finisher/resetter. So yeah. Just my two cents worth. :P

  4. Because Chaos Sorceror is crazy good. It only requires removing a Light and Dark monster which can be fulfilled quite easily. I don't think I need to emphasize how good is Sorceror. (And there are crazy ppl thinking Chaos Soldier is gonna get unbanned)

    Well I wouldnt play Miracle Synchro Fusion because:
    1) Extra deck space which only has 1 space spare if playing the Debris variant, Quickdraw Variant has even lesser space since they have to put Nitro, Destroyer and whatever
    2) Dragoequeste is kinda sucky honestly

    Well everyone is entitled to their opinion, so if it works well for you I can't force you into thinking otherwise.

  5. It's just a consideration for a tech. I have to admit that the need for more extra deck space is a definite turn-off though. I'm guessing that people might only start to think about this card should Konami miraculously increases the extra deck spaces. :P

  6. It's just a tech that's worth considering. It not as broken as Chaos Sorc, but it's still playable.

    Maybe it's just more of a "win-more" card, and maybe a backup plan card, just in case your Librarian got Warning-ed.

    Both cards has its pros and cons.
    If I have the chance and time, I'll make a video on Duelnet, showing how it works out.